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    Stripe is bullshit!

    I create a stripe account to sell my puzzles online They ask me to verify I am the owner of website, I forgot to do it A few days later I received a payment from one customer, I just full refund and send message to let the customer know Then my stripe account banned I created a new one, also...
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    Need Help- Google campaign Malicious software

    I build a youtube campaign to run ad But I got the error Malicious software ad I checked my site with 3rd party tools I didn't find any error How can I solve the 'Malicious software' error? Thanks
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    A lot of spam domains .xyz in GSC

    I see a lot of spam TLD domains in GSC but I never build these backlinks and all my websites have these spam domains but I check the spam score it shows okay and they are not show in Ahrefs Does anyone have the same problem? do I need to disavow these backlinks?
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    crosspost bot caused ban

    I use reddit prefs API wrote an crosspost bot but my accounts keep banned How do you guys solve the problem?
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    scammed by

    I buy 35 dollars reddit account on March from Pay with bitcoin but after one month, this guy never reply me on telegram and delete all chat log I opened shit list last time, didn't get a response Hello 1. please check the dialog...
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    Youtube keyword search tool

    Is there a tool on youtube I can find niche relative keywords and dropped domain?
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    WTH-help me config roundcube email client

    I have built postfix, dovecat and roundcube But I can't figure out my rooundcube can't successfully send out email white can be receive successfully So I need want to a person help me fix the roundcube send email error (It show authorization error or something) The price is 30 us dollars You can...
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    [JV]Sourcing products from China

    Want to Import Products from China? We open this JV post to looking for partners who are interested in e-commerce business. We are a local China sourcing agent, B2btradeworld can help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the...
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    reddit praw not work now

    When open I got error "You broken reddit", What can I do?
  10. b2btradeworld

    Looking for a mass videos uploader to youtube

    I am looking for a mass videos uploader to youtube Are there still some bots like this on the market? MVB Pro seems not to work?
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    Ahrefs index my backlinks but google not !!!

    I check Ahrefs, google index my backlinks while I check in google with site:URL there is nothing show What's the problem? will the backlinks index in google?
  12. b2btradeworld

    How do you drive traffic to smm panel

    Most SMM panels do not have much content on the websites so how do you guys drive traffic to SMM panel?
  13. b2btradeworld

    where can I get google/facebook account creator?

    Does anybody know where can I get google/facebook account creator?
  14. b2btradeworld

    Instagram email list exchange

    I have scraped a lot of Instagram email list If anyone is interested in an exchange, please PM me we can grow our list
  15. b2btradeworld

    where can i get account creator?

    I want to start a panel that sell Instagram,facebook, gmail accounts? but where can I get a work account creator?
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    Page get deindex when use AI tools content

    I use AI tools to generate content on my money site Today I find several of my sites get deindexed by google, very few pages are indexed compared last time Does anyone have the same problem?
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    where to get scrape footprints?

    Does anybody know where to get scrape footprints to scrape eCommerce, contact form etc? Thanks
  18. b2btradeworld

    Domcop group buy

    Anyone use domcop group buy service? I don’t find trustworthy service on google
  19. b2btradeworld

    bulk backlinks index check

    Want to hire a person who has scrapebox can bulk check backlinks if are index price:12 us dollar
  20. b2btradeworld

    Products that help in your daily life

    I am looking some products which can help your daily life to purchase Anyone wants to share?