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  1. AlbinKurti

    [MUST READ CASE STUDY] Opulentos $10K P/M Affiliate Empire

    Nice thread mate, enjoyed reading it
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    [Journey] Building a Blog from 0 comp keywords and unanswered PAAs

    Good luck with your new journey.
  3. AlbinKurti

    PAA Journey With PAA Software And Some Twist

    PAA journeys are exploding recently, good luck.
  4. AlbinKurti

    Quick GPT-3 journey(case study)

    Good luck, excited for your results.
  5. AlbinKurti

    14000 posts done on BHW

  6. AlbinKurti

    ❤️ (CASE STUDY) ✅ How these NICHE Sites Outrank Large Publishers like Forbes, CNN, etc.

    Dive In ranks #1 for underwater camera and i checked that article, for each of the products they link to a full review on that particular product but they have the same content in both pages.
  7. AlbinKurti

    TikTok + CPA Journey - Let's Make Some EZ Money

    Good luck, waiting for your updates.
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    [Giveaway] Grammarly Business Accounts | 10 Accounts

    Long Live BlackHatWorld.
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    10,000 bot army used like this (but how)

    Please don’t spam, use multi-quote function.
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    [Journey] Blogging based on Income School (Project 24) Philosophy

    You are getting small traffic for that amount of posts. Did you target low search volume keywords?
  11. AlbinKurti

    [PAA + AI] Automated PAA Journey to $20k

    Seems like a good plan, good luck
  12. AlbinKurti

    Scaling My Authority Site To $20K Per Month

    I would wait until the end of the year because the Q4 pays the most in ads + people like to spend more in Amazon so your website would sell for more. However you can always get hit by Google so if you get a Great offer now consider selling it
  13. AlbinKurti

    Am I shadowbanned on Twitter?

    There are websites online where you can check if your account is shadowbanned
  14. AlbinKurti

    ✅ Did your SITE get HIT by Google May Core Update? (READ THIS!!!)✔️✔️

    Hey Alma, did Google Raters visit your site? Did you check?
  15. AlbinKurti

    ✅ Did your SITE get HIT by Google May Core Update? (READ THIS!!!)✔️✔️

    Websites that got HIT were mostly PAA sites, also most of the sites that got hit got their Snippets removed from google results, meaning these Google raters were probably checking for websites who are just scraping Google PAA results and copy-pasting them in their websites. They probably were...
  16. AlbinKurti

    ✅ Did your SITE get HIT by Google May Core Update? (READ THIS!!!)✔️✔️

    If your website got hit by Google May Algorithm Update, you have to check out this Study from Alexander Vasev on twitter. He explains how most of the websites that got hit had identical traffic drop patterns. He also shares a graph about Google rankings showing a query dropping off of the Top...