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    My content toolset for you. Let's become partner

    Hi, I have following tools in my bucket but due to time constraints, I am looking for a partner who can write around atleast 10 article (Niche - ecomm, Education and career) for me ranging from 2000-3000 words in a month for my money site ( but obvious I need good quality content based on your...
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    Check backlinks with Semrush for FREE (Until 2022)

    Free Semrush backlinks analysis until 2022 :)
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    CloserCopy Vs Scalenut

    Anyone is using both CloserCopy & Scalenut? Looking for some review.
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    How to manage Expired Job Removal

    Hi All, I have one job board where I am posting jobs regularly which defiantly has some expiry and I would like to know some practical example to manage the removal of the jobs upon expiry. I have read Google Job Posting Guideline but still confused about returning 404 to the user when the job...
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    Any review on videly?

    Hi everyone, Has any one used videly to rank YouTube videos?
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    Relaxing with this Mashup

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    Any tool to find out share and comment numbers

    Team, Looking for tool which can help to count number of time FB Post is shared, find out how many time post is shared by person, find out how many time person has commented on specific Facebook post.
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    Million Dollar Ads by Peng Joon

    Looking for eBook if any one have. Million Dollar Ads by Peng Joon
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    Any guide on how to optimize Adsence for speed?

    Friends, I am running website with technology stack of Hostinger Hosting, GeneratePress, WP-Rocket, CloudFlair CDN and it runs very well. Gtmarix and Pagespeed gives rating 'A' but performance degards when i run Adsence. Would be great if someone can help with guide to optimize Adsence. Thanks.
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    [Help] Looking for help to get single backlink indexed

    Looking for help to get single backlink indexed. Thanks in advance.
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    What is your AdSense CTR, CPC and Niche?

    Random question to know what is your CTR, CPC and Niche.
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    [Reading] A Complete SEO Guide to Anchor Text Optimization for 2019

    I found very good article to optimize your Anchor Text. Bit lengthy but worthy to read and implement.
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    IFTTT no more allows to add hashtag? Any FREE alternative for RSS to Social Media Automation.

    Now day I am exploring IFTTT to automate Social Media posting but it seems that IFTTT no more supporting custom post to include additional content like hashtag. Any workaround or alternative? I am trying to setup. Wordpress Feed to Facebook Wordpress Feed to Twitter Wordpress Feed to Tumblr...
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    Any view on seo-autopilot building tool ?

    Any view on seo-autopilot link building tool ? Includes.................... Premium Services: Captcha Solving Premium Spinners Article Builders Premium Indexers FREE SEO Autopilot Services: Free Spinner Free Article Fetcher Free Premium Indexer (GWT) ........................... & all at...
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    Get your $100 LinkedIn Ad Credit Here

    Here is link to request $100 LinkedIn Ad credit. I have just submitted request and it was informed that, I'll get credit after 1 working days...
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    [GUIDE] Build Great Links with AWS Spot Instances and Get Up To 80%OFF on monthly cost

    Dear BHW Members, Many of us are using various link building tools to build tiered links which requires huge computing and memory power to get our task done fast and to fulfill requirement we have go with VPS solution. After cloud technology, VPS is no more great choice to do grinding work...
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    How and where to use Virtual Master card

    I have $25 sitting idle in my virtual master card and I am unable to spend this money even with Paypal. Can anyone suggest how I can use this virtual card?
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    [Question] Woocommerce vs Prestashop vs Bigcommerce Vs Shopify

    Team, Would like to test ecommerce considering that we have offline store and warehouse. Which one you can refer woocommerce vs prestashop vs bigcommerce Vs Shopify Vs Other and why? Thanks in advance.
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    What are best Google Adsense strategies to Increase CPC

    Dear Team, Would like to know what are best Google Adsense strategies to Increase CPC. I am getting 1K/day users to one of my my website but unable generate good revenue. Any suggestion? Thanks, PP
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    Any review on Diib?

    Found one website, diib. Any review?