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  1. Ambitious12

    Back Again!! Now with Google Adwords :)

    Just read here and learn. You will be perfect in this field. :) Good Luck!!
  2. Ambitious12

    Back Again!! Now with Google Adwords :)

    Hi all !! How are you people doing?? After learning from BHW, I made in Adwords also. Currently working as a Senior Adwords Manager :) Now SEO + Adwords :) Want to learn again more new things. Thank you all for your all motivation folks. :)
  3. Ambitious12

    Free 25 Youtube Likes to Your Video

    Very interested!! Doing PM to you. Thankyou!
  4. Ambitious12

    Free 1,000 YouTube Views (Everyday)

    PM you my video URL
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    Free freshly written 500-word article! A huge giveaway!

    Very Interested!! PM or Skype me for topic. Thankyou
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    FREE YouTube Views - Top Quality High Retention - 1 Million Views

    Hi Doing PM you my video,I need views only. Thankyou
  7. Ambitious12

    Opting for Social vs Organic Traffic

    you can go with pop traffic. that will be useful for you.
  8. Ambitious12

    Yelp reviews

    You can hire a freelancer else post on that section,you can give some bucks to that guy and you will get reviews which will be like genuine.
  9. Ambitious12

    how to determine if that is a good place to leave a BL

    I suggest you to go with link pyramid. Using some high DA links on your blog or website,you can rank well.
  10. Ambitious12

    Can someone explain to me what is Facebook Farming and what does it do!!!!!

    IMO Facebook farming is to let people to like their page in a manipulating way,thats not in organic way.
  11. Ambitious12

    Ranking images in Google

    If they are unique then post that on Google Images. ;)
  12. Ambitious12

    Setting a "Target Country" in GWMT

    It will index to every country but that does not make sense,better target for your own country.
  13. Ambitious12

    Some questions regarding PLR articles!!

    IMO Never ever copy any article or content from others,Use your own content. You should start reading about Google penalty.
  14. Ambitious12

    Which Seo backlinking service?

    I did not get that you have written THEY ARE SPAMMY See,first go on several BSTs and then read their reviews. Here in BHW,if anyone buys service then they do comment their review on their thread so it will be easy for you people to rate.
  15. Ambitious12

    I need million of App download.

    PM me please
  16. Ambitious12

    I need million of App download.

    Hello, We have created an app which is about very famous personality in India and is official. I need 1 million app installs. Need help. Thanks
  17. Ambitious12

    Main Factors| On-Page SEO Techniques for newbie

    Very great one for Newbies. Do bookmark guys.
  18. Ambitious12

    T2 Strategy Suggestions Please

    RuthSam is right,these two are main tools for great ranking and success. Keep these tools with you.
  19. Ambitious12

    Anyone Using Dailymotion Partner Program?

    I think I do not have any idea about this program because it looks very good for promotion. Looking forward for full details.