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    You are invited test our " 2-Phase Link Building" Methodology ...

    - I am inviting you test our " 2-Phase Guest Posting " Link building methodology. 2-Phase Guest Posting Service VS other Guest Posting Services... How it Works; Packages by DR (Domain Rating); 50+ DR: ~ ADVANCED: 2 -Phase Guest Posting by
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    This Plugin saves you from SPAM.

    I've been experiencing loads of spams on my websites, waking to my email and having to spend hours cleaning up spam' emails. Try alot of anti-spam plugins without luck. These bots are so smart that they still land in my inbox. The solution; Anti-Spam by CleanTalk...
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    ⚡⚡ 2-PHASE GUEST POSTING Technique; Fast Links Index || We save you money building TIER 2&3 Garbage... LinksThaRanks ✅

    Guest posting appears to be a straightforward procedure; find blogs to guest post on, send out outreach emails, and get featured on these websites. All guest posts, however, are not created equal. INTRODUCING: Our 2-Phase Outreach Methodology for Guest Post Success ● PHASE 1: This phase...
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    There is no Alternative;

    Says Canva ;
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    [FREE REVIEW COPY] - AMAZON / ADSENSE / CPA affiliate Researched Keywords - INSTANT DELIVERY!

    Hello everyone; We're looking for 10 honest review copies for KEYWORD RESEARCH BST: Requirements: 1. We require honest detailed feedback on receiving the...
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    Google CSE, Anything better / Alternative?

    Does anyone know a better that lets you search a list of websites for a key phrase /combo? Then allow you to export target URLs on pages found with the keywords. Does anyone have a suggestions?
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    Ctrify, Anyone ?

    Does anyone here get a good case use of the product? I'm so interested to hear your opinion as it seems like a good product. I see I could buy for 197USD AS BF sales. Thinking
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    About losing 3 hours of drafted post. [NEED HELP]

    I've been drafting a post for over 3 hours, only to click the BBCode toggle, then got hit with the screenshot below. Tried all possible approaches with l=noluck. Things have tried to get the post of; I've tried loading the post on a new tab; The preformatted texts are still missing...
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    [REQ] Separate button for individual events...

    Was just hoping the admin could implement a button at the top right corner beside the message/notification button for individual events like; Likes, Quotes, Mentions, etc. Sometimes get lost/miss these events due to hundreds of followed threads. I'm sure this could get looked into.
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    [OPINION]LF Cars that makes Classic VINTAGE ! in 2-3 decades; Buy & HODL

    Interested in knowing BHW members on cars you feel would make a classic vintage in nearest future.Since We all going electrical. Current suggestion; Benz 2006 E class Is430 2000ish
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    Automating Client Weekly/Monthly SEO Report the easy way !

    I found Google Data studio pretty interesting lately in automating clients report. Oh my ! Been missing on this gem for so long - We’ve been doing it the hard way. You can easily customize your report and 2 clicks integration with a third party tool . You should try it too. Comment : What...
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    Bidding on your own brand on PPC. Does that make much sense ?

    Why bidding and spending more extra on your own brand term keywords still baffles me. I mean you technically own the traffic for someone to have brand name searched on SERP. I see a lot of big brands do this; Namecheap, Godaddy, just name it - You find them bidding on their own brand terms...
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    Rounding up 2020, My Top productivity apps.

    Season Greetings GUYS' Without wasting much time on the intro, Let get going; 1. TidyTab: Easily manage tools/apps on tabs - You can combine Chrome, Excel, Word Doc, More Doc files, More excel sheet; WAIT! - Don't combine just too much else you find your PC dragging and slowing up. 2...
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    [GUIDE] Claim all BHW reviews Worth 1000USD monthly.

    Simple asf. BHW is leaving a footprint for you to easily claim review copies. Follow this bot @iModBot (Joint account for BST review ) Look for recent activities; Check on threads that interest you. If newly approved,Watch the thread with email notification. Why you ask ? You don’t want to...
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    What’s next after SEO ?

    Coming from Data Science with good grasp of statistics. I’ve devoted all my life to SEO over years understanding all it takes, putting to work - making banks. The problem ? Waking up go find out your website is down and lost total traffic. If you’re not investing wise while banking you find...
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    [FREE] Premium optimized images to create unique engaging posts for your blog...

    I'm not here to bore you with long text, Moreover - I'm not a big fan. Grab a premium Canva account, @dakudaddy did justice to that using: I majorly use these images to create engagement publishing my posts, folks out...
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    Pinned Post on "Profile Post" ...

    I've seen it work on Twitter, FB and other microblogging networks. I'm a fan of micro tweets but would really want favourite post pinned for a month or so.
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    AHREFS Niche Links on "Top Pages" - ORDER by DR, RD & PAGE TRAFFIC ⚡⚡...FULLY Results Oriented!

    SICK and TIRED of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on links that just don’t seem to produce any results? The thing is – absolutely everyone, and their grandma is dumping money into Web2.0’s, PBN’s, fake guest posts, and the like…Several thousand dollars down the drain later –...
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    Executive VIP "t0mmy" and Coronavirus...

    C'mon guys @t0mmy and SERPlogic team have been on face mask all these years. Conspiracy that needs a check by mods? Source:
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    67 Keyword Research Tips & Tricks That Will Save You Time [The Complete List]

    Finding the perfect keywords for your content isn’t easy, and it can take time to find the right words to fit the overall impression you want to provide to your audience. Over time, Each and every SEO professional, myself included, had to learn how to make keyword research work for them, which...