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  1. Ambitious12

    Back Again!! Now with Google Adwords :)

    Hi all !! How are you people doing?? After learning from BHW, I made in Adwords also. Currently working as a Senior Adwords Manager :) Now SEO + Adwords :) Want to learn again more new things. Thank you all for your all motivation folks. :)
  2. Ambitious12

    I need million of App download.

    Hello, We have created an app which is about very famous personality in India and is official. I need 1 million app installs. Need help. Thanks
  3. Ambitious12

    How to bring 1 million traffic pm on a website?

    Hey all!! I wanted to know what are the latest techniques to get 1 million traffic in my website in an organic way? I need to prepare a paper. Thanks ahead.
  4. Ambitious12

    Anyone here who can create a Wikipedia page?

    Hello all, Actually I need to create a wikipedia page for one famous personality of my country.but I trapped in between so need someone who can figure this out easily, Wikipedia says just because of less sources,it is not showing,we do have sources. Need help!!!
  5. Ambitious12

    Need Advice for my new Website

    Hello Friends, How are you all? Okay,I have some questions. I have one website which is in WordPress and it has good ranking in all keywords(Niche is tough) now this website is changing into PHP version and everything is changing. Now Questions are: 1.Will I lose all my ranking if I...
  6. Ambitious12

    Yahoo Answers,sometimes the key of success.

    Hello friends, After checking many threads out here related to every bit about digital marketing,I thought I should also share what I know. I love Yahoo Answers so much from the earlier,plus I have seen many ups n downs also in YA,I earned good amount($$$$) in one year with my Q&A service and I...
  7. Ambitious12

    Bookmark these free Stock Image sites

    Hello all my friends, After long time I got something that can be shared(May be I got very late to know about this),but I found some websites from where we can have free stock images for personal as well as commercial purpose. Some mobile images also there to download. Use this and share with...
  8. Ambitious12

    3 Indian Guys(Newbie) wanted to post on Quora and Yahoo Answers

    Hello guys!! I have one local project which need to complete by this weekend and i am damn busy so I want 3-4 Indian guys who will give me their this week completely to post on Quora and Yahoo Answers. Dude!Budget is very lowso kindly get me in Skype. Thanks!!
  9. Ambitious12

    [Giveaway] Providing 10 Yahoo Answers Link to 10 Members. :)

    Hello Guys, on behalf of completing my 1000 posts here..I would like to giveaway 10-10 yahoo answers to 10 people here. Post your comment below and no need to write that shit,why I need it :P and then please skype me,dont PM me :P Your website link- One main keyword- I will ping you back your...
  10. Ambitious12

    Alexa getting increases day by day?

    Hi folks.. My maximum keywords are ranking good but when it comes to is getting increase day by day and now it jumps to 30k. Any solution?
  11. Ambitious12

    Facebook Iconic step towards Gender Equality . Great!!!

    The old icon shows that the woman behind the man and woman's figure a bit smaller. But now woman is now front to the man and made the sizing more equal now. :) Great Facebook!!!
  12. Ambitious12

    Amazing and awesome design of New BHW Beta

    I am loving this design and want to start use it out asap. Cool!!!
  13. Ambitious12

    Simple steps to start online store and rock in ecommerce business

    Online shopping is in the trend and the day is coming when all the stuff will be available online. People these days more believe in online shopping because this gives them variety and reasonable price too.As it became easier to buyer to shop from home same as for sellers too because internet...
  14. Ambitious12

    Graphics that explain concept of Marketing :D

    Found on my Facebook randomly,I hope you people enjoy these concepts :P. Happy Sunday to all. :)
  15. Ambitious12

    One Year Journey of IM Completed.Thanks each n every BHW members

    Just completed one year today in BHW. I do not have any screenshot of my earning but yes I am very proudly say that now I am one responsible Marketer,I was the one who do not know anything about SEO and then when I lost my comfort zone then I understand the importance of IM and money. :) But Now...
  16. Ambitious12

    Completed 2 Year in Internet Marketing today ;)

    Hello IMers :) Today I completed 2 years in IM. First one year,I was working in one company and never got any single reason that why I am working in IM,only my work was creating links :P then I left and Then I came to know about BHW in May Last year and now companies are following me for job(not...
  17. Ambitious12

    Any Newbie who interested in doing QnA and Forum posting

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 04/18/2015 ---- Hello guys, Just because of some very busy schedule,I am unable to work these days,so if you are willing to work for me to post on QnA and forums then please let me know, Requirements: 1.Must have good knowledge of SEO 2.should have good English 3.Able to find...
  18. Ambitious12

    Birthday is Mine Today, but Gifts for you :D

    As I have launched my service before one month and on behalf of my birthday today that I have completed 25 today.So I decided to let have some fun...
  19. Ambitious12

    What is the best use of EXPIRED DOMAIN?

    Actually I got one expired domain from one respected friend.I want to know from you people that how can I use that to make money.(domain is of tumblr with good PR,PA,DA) Thankyou :)
  20. Ambitious12

    Pathfinder Strategies The right path to SEO success from Q&A and Forums.

    Contact- Email: [email protected] Skype: pathfinderstrategies12 :)