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    Your service/guide and my marketing

    I'm open to working with a couple of people who have their own online/digital service or guide/ebook/manual etc. If you don't yet have a service, but you're talented at something online then we can create the service together. I'll bring in all the traffic. 50/50 split - the customer can pay...
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    [JV] My Instagram growth team + Your clients, 50/50

    I have a solid list of over 50 million - I even created a Joint Venture thread looking for Instagram growers! Also a Twitter following of over 3 million. PM more details, if you wish to work together.
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    Payment Gateway Alternatives (NOT Paypal or Stripe)

    Thanks for some of the replies so far. Signed up with Gumroad, so got that alongside Stripe in case it's needed.
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    Payment Gateway Alternatives (NOT Paypal or Stripe)

    1. I'd already explained in the opening post. 2. I'm not a scammer as you suggest.
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    Payment Gateway Alternatives (NOT Paypal or Stripe)

    Thanks for the very quick reply! :) Have you personally used this? As it happens, Stripe have since emailed me and said after their completed review all requirements have been satisfied and the account has been reactivated. Is it worth using Gumroad as well as Stripe? As I'd still have no...
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    Payment Gateway Alternatives (NOT Paypal or Stripe)

    Due to Paypal banning my business account simply because I made 2 disputes within a short space of time, and Stripe not allowing me to sell guides/ebooks via landing pages (Christ knows why!), I'm needing something else. This appears to be much more difficult than it should be. I'm using...
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    Looking for talented writers (all subjects)

    I'm in need of some reliable talented writers who I can outsource work to. From experience, English is your first language You can cover most subjects, carry out research where needed and provide exceptional quality. Have Skype for any necessary communication Be able to accept payment via...
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    Your Instagram Growth Experience / My Audience

    I'm looking to work with people who are experienced in growing Instagram accounts. This could be via tools such as Jarvee and using methods such as following/unfollowing. I have a large audience (over 50 million) and so I'll work on the marketing and bring in the customers while you take the...
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    Looking for a BIG list of facts

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for someone to create a very big list of facts (that are 100% correct, not just made up), that can be used on social media. So they have to be short 1 sentence facts. As for numbers, around 3000+ would be a good start.
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    Tool to split huge text file into X number of lines?

    Hi, yeah I've tried that too, which is a bit quicker. It's the randomisation bit that literally takes around 12 hours. I've started doing it overnight, so not too bad.
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    Tool to split huge text file into X number of lines?

    Unfortunately, when I tried to open the CSV file, Excel just give up - probably a memory issue. I guess I'll just stick with Scrapebox and wait patiently.
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    Tool to split huge text file into X number of lines?

    I have Scrapebox, but it seems to take too long and requires too much memory. The text file has over 45 million lines. I want to split this file into 45 separate files (1 million each). Are there any other tools that can do this? I'd also like a tool that can randomize the lines in the text file.
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    Aged/New Gmail - App Password Gmail-Empty Reddit - High/Low Karma Reddit - Aged Facebook with Friends

    I added you to Skype - told you I wanted them for Outlook / Thunderbird and then you just replied saying you didn't know what they were. I explained, you then ignored me and logged off! So I won't be bothering. Poor communication and ignorance is a pet hate of mine.
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    Best payment method to accept a recurring monthly fee? (not Paypal)

    I'm marketing a list of businesses and I give this list away free to potential customers, charging the businesses a low monthly fee to be featured. I no longer have a Paypal business account (they banned it as I made a few disputes) and so I'm looking for a solid alternative that allows people...
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    Musk makes a deal with Twitter

    It appeared obvious that he was never going to go through with it, a while ago, so no surprises. It was an ego thing from the very start.
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    How to buy twitter followers safely.

    So that's all you were doing - no automated tweets, no following/unfollowing, just literally retweeting accounts that were retweeting you back and buying followers? The second one makes no sense - because you could just get competitors banned by buying followers for them.