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    More Proof that Youtube is rigged

    People always ask what is the secret to unlocking the Youtube algorithm and I've always answered, there is no secret formula. It's whatever youtube wants to promote. You could have the best video ever but if youtube doesn't want to promote it, you'll only get a couple million views while a...
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    How to be a computer seller?

    How do people get all the computer parts (CPUs, MBs, RAM, HDD, GPUs, Cases, etc) to be able to sell them for profit or build a PC and then sell it for profit? Obviously they are getting it somewhere for a discounted price to be able to sell and make a profit. Is there some kind of discount...
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    Need some help on defining content creation vs advertising content

    Anyone in the ad or marketing industry can help me out? When someone leaves the ad industry to go and do their own thing and make content such as movies, webtoons, webnovels, music etc., what are these people called? Independent content creators? What if they are getting sponsored to make the...
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    Is it true what is posted on the internet stays there forever?

    Is it really true if you post or upload an image on the internet it stays there forever? Or is that just a saying that "it's really hard to take it down or remove it because someone or somewhere will still have it". I've posted and uploaded things to the internet that I might want reversed...
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    What is Scalenut and why are they contacting me?

    So I have been getting an email from this company called Scalenut. They are saying they like my youtube content / channel and want to collaborate with me. Is this a real legit offer or is Scalenut just another one of those spam emails EVERYONE gets but sounds like only I am special and chosen...
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    How true is this statement?

    The greatest trait for survival is not goodness but actually it is evil. How true is this statement or not?
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    You have only 10 years left to live. What would you do?

    Let's say you are a relatively young person in the context of death (anywhere under 50) and you know for a fact that you only have about 10 years left to live your life before it ends. What would you do? Do you just enjoy and spend all your life savings and live out your life as best you can...
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    How much is society responsible for individual actions/choices?

    Obviously each person is ultimately and solely responsible for the choices/decisions they make in life, but how much of a role do you think society plays in it? When JFK said, "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country", I wonder how that applies to...
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    How do people do it?

    First off I don't mean to judge or belittle anyone's life. It may come off like it but I do have the utmost respect for people who are able to work day in and day out for 45 years straight at the same low paying mundane job. How do people do it? For example, I was just out for a walk today...
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    Is your life story Netflix Documentary worthy?

    The following is a mock scenario. I'm going to roleplay here. "Hello, I'm an executive producer for Netflix Inc. I'm searching for interesting life stories/experiences to produce a new netflix documentary. If you think you have a great life story or experience to audition, please share a...
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    If there is only ONE "Yes or No" question you can ask the dead, what would it be?

    Let's assume you can contact the dead and they can speak back to you. If you can only ask one "YES or NO" question what would it be? The reason why I say "yes or no" question is because the dead can only answer "yes" or "no". They can't sit there and give you a 3 hour lecture on all the things...
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    Instagram question

    There doesn't appear to be an option to not accept a follower initially. So anyone can follow anyone? Of course after you follow them, they could remove you as a follower. But initially, you can basically follow anyone without requiring permission? Also, I noticed there is an option to "hide...
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    How much is inflation affecting you?

    Geezuz the prices recently went up a lot on some things I get....some as much as 50%!!! Some smaller things like pizza went up from 4 dollars to $4.40 in just a few days. Prices keep going up!!! Tell me some of the things that have gone up in your area.
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    Be Honest now, everyone has lost money on Crypto

    So since the big crash, the crypto market and coins have fallen by over 50%...every single coin. So that means every single person on this planet who had invested in crypto before the crash happened is out at least 50%. Obviously you are hodling like me hoping it'll go back up to normal but...
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    The largest holders of BTC says it's going to hit 120K next week. Let's see.

    Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy (the largest holder of BTC with 121,044 BTC) says it's going to hit $120K next week. I hate when they make these statements. They outta be held accountable for it if they are wrong but everyone will just forget about it and he'll do it again another time and...
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    Ok you geniuses on this site.... biggest crash coming?

    So are we heading towards the biggest recession (bigger than 2008) very soon? The signs all seem to be pointing to it. So all you geniuses on here that make lots of money need to give us your input! Is it time to sell our property before the housing market crashes? Sell crypto before they...
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    What is your number 1 goal in life? The reason you get up in the morning?

    I know that most of us have more than 1. But I also believe we do have a number 1 in our lives whatever that may be for you, it will differ for everyone. So please tell me what is your number 1 goal/mission/passion/reason that you get up in the morning (what is it that gives you the drive...
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    There are 2 kinds of people in this world

    I want to hear what your "there are 2 kinds of people in this world" line is. Example: There are 2 kinds of people in this world: the rich and the poor. There are 2 kinds of people in this world: the haves and the have nots There are 2 kinds of people in this world: smart and stupid You get...
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    Are you going to inherit a lot of wealth from your parents?

    Ok, so as I've gotten older I have come to realize that inheritances being passed down from great grandparents to grandparents to parents to you (etc) is a massive way to get rich for some. Obviously if you come from a poor background where your parents had nothing and had to immigrate to a...
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    Real Estate Property in Ukraine question

    Just a question. If you were looking to buy a house and lots of land, wouldn't the housing market in Ukraine be dirt cheap right now? I can't imagine a nice big house with 20 or 40 acres of land would cost much money right now. Is it possible for people to buy houses and land right now in Ukraine?