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  1. jamie3000

    Tips for scraping LinkedIn public data at scale?

    Does anyone have any tips for scraping LinkedIn public profiles? I can get all the profile URLs fine form Google but the LinkedIn auth wall triggers really quickly even with my 100% clean residential IP. Also I can beat the bot verification automatically but it seems to hardly trigger and just...
  2. jamie3000

    [Method] How to find the best posts in BHW

    I've not seen this posted before so it might be helpful for some people. I often see people asking how to find gems on bhw. Here is one method. Search Google for the niche and amount of thanks/likes like so... seo "and 50..300 others" -"approved" This will return...
  3. jamie3000

    FREE DEMO - 100,000 Huge Guest Posting Website Database - Rocket Your Website Up The SERPs!

    How would you like access to a searchable database of over 100,000 websites that accept guest posters? You can search by keywords or niche category to find thousands of websites you can guest post on. For the cooking niche alone you can see below we have 4196 entries! Find websites to guest...
  4. jamie3000

    [100% FREE TOOL] - Get Better Paying and Higher Quality Guest Posters For Your Website is releasing a 100% free tool to help webmasters filter out the low quality guest posters and streamline the process of allowing guest posting on your website. This is a guest post request web form you link to from your website and it allows you to create a highly...
  5. jamie3000

    Crazy conspiracy theory or deliberate sabotage of your website?

    Ok so this is just something that's popped into my head just now. So I've not had time to really think this through so it might be nuts but... We all know Google indexing has gone to shit now. Even sites with good content are taking forever to get new pages crawled compared to Bing. So what...
  6. jamie3000

    SEO hack? Does linking to yourself really help?

    I just saw on a FB group someone saying if you have a page stuck on the 2nd page of Google try this... Say your page is on that page you should link to yourself with an exact match anchor internal link. As in <a...
  7. jamie3000

    Do pages rank higher with embedded youtube videos?

    I saw a poll on a FB group just now asking if people see an increase in rankings if they include a YouTube video on their web page. Most people said yes... The cynic in me says it might be because Google wants to show Google Ads. Do you guys see ranking boosts with embedded YouTube videos?
  8. jamie3000

    A smart way to use expired domains

    Often people buy a bunch of expired domains and build PBNs with average content and thats ok, we all know it works. But I quite like what the dude from Gotcha SEO has done here... expired because it moved domain so he's 301'd it to a new internal page on his money site...
  9. jamie3000

    Looking to connect with people who have SEO/Internet marketing blogs

    No idea if this is the right section but I'm looking to connect with BHW people who own SEO or internet marketing blogs. Its not really a joint venture as such so I haven't posted in the JV section. I'd just like to connect with people who have an SEO/IM audience and see what I can offer them...
  10. jamie3000

    Looking at making some more free SEO tools - any suggestions?

    I've already released a set of free SEO tools and now I'm putting together a development queue of more free SEO tools I'm going to release to help another SEO project get some traction. So any ideas for small/medium sized SEO tools that ideally don't scrape much HTML that might change so they...
  11. jamie3000

    Can't get new websites indexed

    I've got 3 wordpress websites I'm trying to index. Each has 10+ articles on them. I've been waiting about a month now for Google to index them. Everything is showing ok in gsc as in Google can fetch them but it just says waiting for data etc as if they've never been crawled. 2/3 have decent...
  12. jamie3000

    Does link juice not pass through brand new domains as quickly?

    I have a brand new domain I'm testing as a tier 1 link. Sort of like a PBN but its not expired its brand new and I've built a certain link type to it. I was expecting the link juice to pass through it and boost the target page I'm trying to rank but it appears although the tier 1 domain has...
  13. jamie3000

    Has anyone tried TemplateToaster for building wordpress themes? Or can they recommend a good alternative

    As title says really...has anyone tried TemplateToaster for building WordPress themes? If so what did you think of it? Pros/Cons etc? Or can you recommend a good alternative?
  14. jamie3000

    Ranking in YMYL niches - Any tips?

    I'm trying to rank a finance website at the moment with some success however it does feel harder than other niches. Websites with much lower third party metrics across the board (DA, DR, TF) are outranking me for many terms. Does anyone have any practical tips for operating in YMYL niches? Do...
  15. jamie3000

    Does anyone know how to re-register wix/ web 2.0?

    Not sure if this is possible but I saw it on @Nargil 's list of web 2.0 that could be re-registered but that was a while back so thing might have changed. For example I know 0ceanrippers used to exist but I can't seem to rename my account to that, it says it already exists. Anyone got any help...
  16. jamie3000

    Need someone to export all 185,406,682 links from ahrefs

    Need someone to export all 185,406,682 links from ahrefs. I know nothing about paid ahrefs accounts so not sure which type is needed. Please send price thanks all :)
  17. jamie3000

    Would you separate these 200 long tails into own pages or one page?

    If you had 200 long tails for example Cat product for peopling living in X X being the variable that changes 200 times. Would you have one page and list them all in the content somehow or would you make a new page optimized for each one? I can do this programmatically for 200 pages so...
  18. jamie3000

    [100% FREE] 10 Killer SEO Tools, $3000 Worth Of Software. Find Expired Domains, Run Broken Link Campaigns, Fix SEO Problems On Your Webs...

    How would you like 10 awesome and 100% free full version SEO/Internet marketing tools? In an effort you increase interest in my guest posting platform I'm releasing 10 new free software tools on it. This software used to make me thousands of dollars a month in sales before I moved onto bigger...
  19. jamie3000

    Let's see who knows their indexing black hat magic

    I've been examining a website that is only 4 months old, has a weak backlink profile but has 6 million pages indexed and is getting tons of traffic... So Google obviously is naturally crawling all those pages. I've had mass page sites before on scalable cloud infrastructure and new sites don't...
  20. jamie3000

    Why do strong links often dip rankings before boosting?

    When I build a set of strong links to a page it often dips down in the rankings for a while before shooting up. What is this behaviour? What is the advantage of this to the end user? If a page suddenly becomes popular and attracts links you'd want it at the correct position as quickly as...