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  1. Gr33nHat

    Looking for Kick-*ss web designer

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a freelance web designer that can understand branding topics and create a website according to the message my brand wants to portray (not just copy paste a theme from This is a gig for a Logo, Template Design, HTML + CSS (no JS, no programming, no...
  2. Gr33nHat

    *Official Death By Captcha Notice* - About Recent Major Upgrade and other topics

    Dear DeathByCaptcha Clients, We'd like to follow up on and apologize for Monday's and Tuesday's service instability. We regret the inconvenience and understand there is no worse time to have outages than at the beginning of a work week.. Here's why the problem occurred. We made a server...
  3. Gr33nHat

    DBC Announce *-VERY IMPORTANT-* : New domain-> DeathByCaptcha.EU

    Hi Guys, For security and stability reasons, we?ve decided to change our domain name. The new domain name will be --> (it's already working). This change will allow us to keep operating our service securely. Our domain will close in April. We have...
  4. Gr33nHat

    Death By Captcha Announcement

    Death By Captcha Announcement Hi Guys, As some of you may already know, we were facing some overload issues a while ago. After working really hard on hiring more Human Solvers, we?re pleased to announce that we have significantly improved the situation. We?re now much closer to our...
  5. Gr33nHat

    DeathByCaptcha Official Notification

    Death By Captcha Official Notification Hi, You may have seen that our service has had a drop in quality during certain hours of the day. This is due mainly to an unexpected increase in volume due to: ? The end of holiday season ? Problems that other services are having We have...
  6. Gr33nHat

    Looking for Dedicated Server in Mumbai, India

    Hi, I'm looking for a good hosting company in Mumbai, India. Any recommendations?
  7. Gr33nHat

    People that are just going to FAIL!

    My partner just got this on his Skype account, talking to some software developer: "Listen Jose. I run the show of my products, not my customers. I tell them simply, "it you don't like it, tough"" How can this guy even sell software with this freaking attitude?
  8. Gr33nHat

    Python Ninjá Developer Wanted!

  9. Gr33nHat

    How to use DeathByCaptcha in XRumer

    How To Use DeathByCaptcha with XRumer Hi Guys, You would just need replace anticaptcha.ini with these values. [ANTI-CAPTCHA.COM] Key=username:password GetBalanceIntervalSec=50 RetriveAllCaptchaStatusIntervalSec=5 SendCaptchaAttemptsCount=5 SendCaptchaAttemptInterval=20...
  10. Gr33nHat

    How to use DeathByCaptcha in Bookmarking Demon

    A lot of people have PM'd me about how to make DBC work in BMD. This is the solution: They use an inflate price from ($4/1k Captchas).
  11. Gr33nHat

    DeathByCaptcha Users! Please Read!

    Hi, We're having severe hardware problems in our DataBase. In the meanwhile the service will be completely down. We're working hard to recover everything as soon as possible. I'll keep posting updates through this thread.
  12. Gr33nHat

    Best Practices for Using CAPTCHA Solving Services

    Hi Black Hatters, I would like to give you guidelines on the best practices on how to use CAPTCHA Solving Services. I have come to notice that there isn't much information about this. All the information that is available is just regarding how to input your username or password or API key, but...
  13. Gr33nHat

    The new DEATH BY CAPTCHA: Hybrid Human-OCR CAPTCHA Solving. $1.39/1K. 85% Correctness

    DEATH BY CAPTCHA: Hybrid Human-OCR CAPTCHA Solving Now only $1.39 for 1K CAPTCHAs Service Starting October 20th Hi Black Hatters, After a long and strenuous upgrade effort we have finished creating our State of the Art OCR system and after plenty of days of testing we?re releasing it for...
  14. Gr33nHat

    Does anyone have a working PoF bot?

    Does anyone know of someone who has a successful PoF bot? I made one myself using PHP/cURL but when I create an account, it gets banned within 15 minutes. - The city/state/country that I select match the proxy IP that I am using. If my IP is in US or CA, I use the correct zip code as well...