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  1. xReminisce

    The iPhone 14 won't have a physical SIM - Dealbreaker !!

    @Yes, I demand a explanation of what goes on in your company to think that was a smart move, you are feeling like Microsoft forcing absolute shitty decisions and "QoL" features upon us.
  2. xReminisce

    Google's Manifest V3 - Who is jump shipping? Who is jumpshipping browsers when Google releases Manifest V3?
  3. xReminisce

    Do you want to be happy? Apparently, noble prize winning thingo said I dont wanna be happy what a fucking letdown downer I want to be happy, i do things to make myself happy...
  4. xReminisce

    Firefox is throwing a massive fit

    Ngl, don't blame them.
  5. xReminisce

    Still use Meta + Apple? Goodluck @Yes you got cucked
  6. xReminisce

    How many of you cried when BHW was down earlier today?

    How many of you cried when BHW was down earlier today? Don't lie to me or i'll feed you to @Willyfish
  7. xReminisce

    Wordpress x Google Partnership

    This may be the start of being over
  8. xReminisce

    Wanna turn that $40 into $400?

  9. xReminisce

    Who pre-ordered the iPhone 14?

    So apparently it's a total shitshow, at least that's what my news feed is showing me for the past day or so. @Yes any thoughts on this? Did you pre-order the iphone 14? If you did, are you gonna cancel/refund it?
  10. xReminisce


    Meanwhile, this is BTC/ETH
  11. xReminisce

    The REAL reason why @WillyFish is on Vacation from BHW

    This is the real reason for @Willyfish sudden 6 month vacation. He is working on the next MS Edge Browser's Features Introducing MS Edge Wallet MS is ready for you to keep swiping your cards !!!
  12. xReminisce

    Favicon Not Showing nor being Cached on Firefox

    Using Latest Firefox
  13. xReminisce

    Bug - No White Theme for Advertising Page my poor eyes, I sometimes accidentally click that and the pitch blackness suffocates me /drama end In all realness, the page doesn't seems to have white theme at all, even on white theme, and you click it goes back to black. On the page, if you...
  14. xReminisce

    This is how you promote Cryptocurrency/NFTs

    Enuff Said
  15. xReminisce

    I love Captchas !!!

    They all look like kittys to me...
  16. xReminisce

    Are you ready for the Post Quantum Era?

    Are you ready for the Post Quantum Era? It's coming, and it's coming fast ! I can bet you a beer @bartosimpsonio is already equipped well and ready to go
  17. xReminisce

    Today, I am 2.5mil richer!

    Drinks on me tonight
  18. xReminisce

    LastPass was hacked, Twilio 2FA isn't doing any better ! Still using Twilio kek? Imagine that combination, your Lasspass was hacked, but it's ok you had twilio 2fa right? but Twilio was compromised, now your accounts are fucked
  19. xReminisce

    LassPass was Hacked !!!! Stil using LassPass?