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  1. bigj

    Buy edu emails at affordable price

    I need 1 edu account. PM me
  2. bigj

    Google Map Pin Citations – Improve your local ranking on Google Maps

    Samples for web design agency?
  3. bigj

    Buy REAL GOOD Followers on INSTAGRAM

    M/S is the best way to grow an account, but unfortunately there isn't a way to buy X followers. It requires warming up the accounts for a couple of weeks until you can get daily growth.
  4. bigj

    Buy REAL GOOD Followers on INSTAGRAM

    Doesn't exist. The closest thing is probably via giveaways, but they are following you because of a giveaway and not because of your content.
  5. bigj

    Jarvee vs Socinator

    You can use either in Jarvee
  6. bigj

    Jarvee vs Socinator

    With how harsh IG has been on API Calls, I can't picking another tool outside of Jarvee. They have a full team that updates the app according to IG changes. Pro tip: If you are thinking about doing IG M/S. I recommend the Pro Plan and above. There's no way you can do M/S on any lower plan with...
  7. bigj

    Engagement isn't the best - Start a new account or can I improve it?

    It could also be that some of the users that are following you back aren't interacting with your content, thus lowering your engagement rate
  8. bigj

    Something devastating happened someone please explain this.

    What does it say in your analytics?
  9. bigj

    IG Google Chrome Bot

    I wouldn't suggest growing using a chrome browser bot. They don't have the capabilities to make it as human as possible and in the least amount of API Calls as possible (i.e. following X people every X hours, following a list of pre-scraped users, etc).
  10. bigj

    What is a good instagram bot ?

    What are you looking for in a bot?
  11. bigj

    need fastest way to remove 3k nsta followers ??

    If you do it manually this way the hard max limit is 50. If you want to do it fast you would have to use Jarvee, but I don't suggest doing anything fast on your IG account right now...
  12. bigj

    Instagram Problem

    Have you automated your account? It sounds like they are action blocking you.
  13. bigj

    Youtube + insta New channel

    I think you're focusing too much on marketing and less on the content. Since you're starting out, focus on the content first. Find out what your niche is and once you got that down start looking marketing.
  14. bigj

    It can be good to try big game for new channel ?

    I would start on a low popular game because it will be easier to rank on YouTube