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    Happy to welcome you all for BHW 2.0

    I'm literally curios to use the features of 2.0, I used the Beta Version. BHW 2.0 Upgradation starts today 6 am of BST and follows the next 12 hours to complete the Upgradation. Soon, I see you all in the BHW 2.0
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    Focus on your Smile & Stay with Positivity

    Never think about tomorrow, Enjoy & add extra beauty today, Definitely your tomorrow will be so happy :)
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    Google pre-announces June 2019 core search algorithm update

    Hello Mates, Google nowadays keep an updating their search algorithm very frequently. So every webmasters have a deep look at your webmaster and try to fix from any errors which is suggested. The content within your site should be checked plagiarism before posting on your site. Google mostly...
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    Happy New year BHWians

    Hi Guys! Wish you a happy new year to each and everyone who interact with BHW forum. This 2019 will be a succeed one for all digital marketing firms, freelancers and all.. All the besty dear friends.
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    AMP Related Query

    Hi mates, I have a few query regarding AMP. 1. Does google consider AMP implemented Sites are a high priority for ranking? If yes, only on mobile ranking or both in desktop & mobile. 2. Nowadays AMP symbol is not visible on SERP result? Is any updates regarding that. Advance Thanks for your...
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    Google Medic Update - Recovery

    Hi mates, My friend website SERP is dropped since august mid. Due to the google medic update it is affected the serp ranking from 1st page to 5th page for few keywords and some keywords are disappeared. I tried so many things by removing the unwanted backlinks and content changes. It is...
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    Need to verify my social media account

    I'm looking for some to verify my Social media account Facebook Page Twitter Instagram Pinterest 1.How much did you charge for verification? 2.How long you take for this process? 3.If you maintained about this service in BHW marketplace, Kindly attach your sales page? Please send me your...
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    Interesting fact of Blogging

    Nowadays blogs are very important & its change human life style, , In my own opinion its look like a modern diary. I hope many Bloggers & writers around here, So say something about blogging & Impact of blogging in your life ? Expecting for some interesting Facts :)
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    Guest blogging :-)

    What you guys are really think about guest blogging ?
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    Interest to Working with Editorial site's

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    Google update

    Google update running right now :) webmaster pls check yours site info.
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    Real guest post sites

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    Free guest post publish

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    Need professional writers

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    Free guest Post Publish

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