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  1. NooneInParticular

    Suddenly lots of xyz backlinks to domain

    Hey folks, I'm managing a bunch of domains in highly competitive niches, and when I checked newly added backlinks, I found a plethora of xyz domains with a spam score of over 60 suddenly linking to my domains. Nope, I did not buy a cheap backlink service and nope, I have no idea where they...
  2. NooneInParticular

    surferSeo - I call it bullsh...

    Here's why: Started off with a score of 78. Followed the first suggestions to remove / add stuff. Did so. Score didn't increase but DROPPED. Secondly, telling you under "word count" remove this and that ( b, strong, paragraphs ) and then in the same audit telling you under "page structure" add...
  3. NooneInParticular

    Who's right? MOZ or surferSEO?

    Okay, here's another problem I ran into when trying to optimizie my content. surferSEO tells me, hey add more of the keyword to your content - at least XXX times. Now when checking the page with MOZ onPage grader, it tells me, "hey, avoid keyword stuffing" for the same keyword. Let's assume...
  4. NooneInParticular

    How many words at least for a good post to rank?

    Got an issue here, ranking for a keyword between 15 and 11 but can't seem to make it to the top 10 - on-page factors all are at 100% ( MOZ onpage grader ) . Word count is 1500. Keyword density is good. Outbound links added to high DA page(s) ( 2 total ). Some backlinks from social media sites...
  5. NooneInParticular

    Which type of proxies for this task?

    I am currently using a locally installed SEO suite and need to do a lot of ranking checks, yet for some time now, I am urged to enter captchas every second time a kw is checked - with over 1000 kws this is becoming a real pain in the neck. So, as I can setup proxies in that software to use for...
  6. NooneInParticular

    Index inject

    Got an account today for Index Inject and have around 3k links left for this month. So if you need to index some links, let me know. First comes gets served first - until the 3k is used up. Gone for today ( German timezone, the old man goes to bed now ), I'll answer your request right tomorrow...
  7. NooneInParticular

    What do you make of these spikes?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, yet I'd be really curious what the pros among you say to that SERP timeline of a certain keyword. Question is, why these spikes? Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. NooneInParticular

    Howdy folks

    Hi folks - system asked, so here's my introduction. Coming from the webDev / coding corner for the last 25+ years. Intermediate SEO knowledge, so I hope to grasp a few new tricks here. cheers!