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  1. vishy

    [GIVEAWAY] Pluralsight Free Weekend Is Here!

    Prepare yourself for a weekend filled with as much learning as you can handle! We’ve unlocked our technology skills platform and making all 7,000+ expert-led video courses, 40+ interactive courses and 20+ projects free for one weekend only. So get your work zone ready for some serious skill...
  2. vishy

    Question: Microsoft Azure

    Hi BHWers, I have $3500 worth of credit for a year. Are there good uses for it so that I can use it to generate income as far as IM is concerned? Everything in the Azure dashboard is intimidating me I have looked at some YT videos only to get more confused. Thanks in advance.
  3. vishy

    WHaaat!! My site was hijacked and DR Went Up

    I have a weird scenario here. My website was hijacked by multiple directs last month and have just noticed the DR has gone from 3 to 24 via Ahrefs within a month. I am about to take it down now though. Does anyone has knowledge of the particular situation? Thanks
  4. vishy

    Question: Is there a plugin that does this...?

    Does anyone know of a plugin that can make a box or boxes like that blue box and the inside buttons? Perhaps @Festinger has something that can achieve a similar effect in his vault? Thank you in advance.
  5. vishy

    Spinner Question

    Hi guys, Does anyone know where I can get a spinner that gives an output/ result of synonyms separated by pipe format or brackets? For example: Eat |consume | devour| ingest | gobble| I hope it makes sense. Thanks
  6. vishy

    [Question] How Do I Open Bitcoin Account

    Hi guys, It may sound stupid. I need to open a Bitcon account to receive payment and have no clue which provider to use? Can someone point me in the right direction? Paypal gave me a raw deal Thanks
  7. vishy

    How To Use $100 Snapchat Ad Credit?

    Hi guys, I got a coupon for $100 Snapchat ad credit and I have never used it before. Does anyone here has some experience with Snapchat ads. eg How to get an ad approved - does it allow CPA offers - raw links ? My apologies for being a bit vague. Stay safe.
  8. vishy

    [JV] My Maxbounty Account plus Your Campaigns

    Hi Guys, I have a Maxbounty account that has been lying around for almost 3 years. I would like to partner with someone who knows how to do profitable campaigns (an ideal partner should have a good budget) and we can split profits 50:50. I have tried to do a few campaigns and there is about...
  9. vishy

    $10,000 For Reading Scam Email

    I received an email below and I'm expected to pay $10,000 for reading the email. Central Intelligence Agency - Case #57813264 From Susy VieraAdd contact To [email protected] contact Reply-To [email protected] contact Date Sat 21:25 Priority Normal Case #57813264 Distribution and...
  10. vishy

    [METHOD] This $70 Per Day Guide Could Change Your Life

    I would like to share an offline + online method I am using to make $70+ per day. How I started Four years ago I lost my job but I didn't want to go back to the 9 - 5 grind. That’s when I sat down to plan my next move and this is when the method I am about to share with you came to life...
  11. vishy

    Fiverr Affiliate - CPA Help Needed

    Hi guys, I have been promoting Fiverr affiliates for a few months now. I am getting uniques clicks daily and registrations but no first-time buyers commission. I am stuck here. Any Fiverr affiliate pros out there to share their wisdom. This is "free traffic" btw. Screenshot
  12. vishy

    [Exposed] Everything you need to know about this BHW member

    I bumped into this ever-smiling BHW member. And took lil video. Any guesses?
  13. vishy

    [JV] My Price Tapestry Price Comparison Script & Your Technical Skills

    Hi, I bought Price Tapestry (Price Comparison script) last year and I have been struggling to make it work properly with my website due to a lot of technical jargon like XML Datafeeds, product mapping etc. I think this was a result of my lack of technical knowledge:( The seller has...
  14. vishy

    Help: Custom DNS for .ooo domains

    Does anyone know how to change DNS for .ooo domains? I registered a few .ooo domains when they were free but I can't get them to work on my Hostgator account. I contacted their buy. ooo support but I got overwhelmed by their support article. Thanks in advance.
  15. vishy

    My Little Success With CPA

    Hey guys, I would like to share my little success with CPA. I have been testing traffic sources for my CPA campaigns for several months. Today I logged into my Maxbounty account and there was a small gift see screenshot Thanks to all the members here who keep on stressing the "Take...
  16. vishy

    Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar-The Resurrection

    Ahrefs fanatics here is some good news Get instant SEO metrics for any web page you visit and analyze Google SERPs on the fly with Ahrefs' new SEO toolbar.
  17. vishy

    50 most sought-after startups in the U.S. - 2018

    I thought this can be an interesting read for members here:
  18. vishy

    A quick note for the people who haven't made $1 online! (Noobs)

    Most people come on this forum and spend hours on end bookmarking pages of methods on how to make money and downloading ebooks and courses. All the material they download or bookmark will eventually gather virtual dust because they are looking for specific "spoon feed me" method. I have been...
  19. vishy

    It's SEMrush's birthday! Enroll for free SEO basic courses (Noobs)

    For those who didn't know about free SEO fundamental courses offered by SEMrush, here is your chance to learn some new stuff esp noobs Enjoy!
  20. vishy

    Google AdWords will soon become Google Ads

    Hi fellas, I got this email from Google and thought would share. Some of you already know this but might be useful to others who want to keep up with the latest developments in the industry. "Earlier this week, we announced that Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads. The new Google Ads brand...