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    Vitalik Buterin (Etherium Founder) is giving away 100,000 ETH (SCAM EXPOSED)

    The Youtube Bitcoin Scammer has moved to Etherium now using the founders name to promote his scam here is the video The scammer has stolen about $6,015.41 worth of Etherium as shown here: Don't give this scammer behind...
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    Can't access public Statistics of other Youtube videos anymore.

    I see that Youtube removed the classic mode option on their interface so I can't access the stats of other people videos anymore.Any help guys ?
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    CBEngine is Down

    Is Everybody getting the same thing it says "Error loading page" but the site is still indexed in Google.
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    My First $100 day on Clickbank

    Finally made a $100 in a day from Clickbank .This post is NOT a brag post.It is inspiration for newbies that are struggling and getting $0 every day,because I was once a newbie too struggling myself.Failure is part of success,you completely fail if you give up.Nothing is impossible if you put...
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    Leonard Nimoy(Spock from Star Trek) dies at 83 R.I.P

    Full article here Live and Prosper in the other world you will be missed.
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    Beware of the this fiverr scammer

    I bought an addmefast account of 12000 points for my social signals campaign from this seller the profile no longer exists and he or she is now under a different account offering the same gig and lives from the same...