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    Keyword tool that actually performs competition analysis?

    Just like the title there a keyword tool that actually performs an analysis of the competition for a specific (set of) keyword(s)? By competition analysis I am not referring to just calculating it based on the data from Adwords (or whatever they use). I am referring to the analysis of...
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    Google Engineer Claims Their AI Chatbot Is Getting Conscious | He Gets Sidelined

    Source: I personally think that he was sidelined for some other reasons. Also, I think we're still very far from computing sentience.
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    Paraphrase and Enhance Content. Is it a good idea?

    We're experimenting with a new AI system (multiple AI models working together) that is able to not only paraphrase but also enhance the content. The goal here is to make the AI "understand" the main ideas of each paragraph in an article and write a new paragraph with a different structure and...
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    Elon Musk could build a new social media platform "Musk was responding to a Twitter user’s question on whether he would consider building a social media platform consisting of an open source algorithm and one that would prioritize free speech, and where propaganda was minimal. Musk, a...
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    Is Google Search Deteriorating?

    This is an analysis made by a guy who worked on Search Measurement at YouTube, Twitter, and Microsoft: TL;DR: So why might Google Search be deteriorating? A couple plausible reasons: Google has been...
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    Google Topics API to replace 3rd party cookies in Chrome TL;DR: The bad news is that Chrome still tracks you (if you're using it...) The good news: 1. as a Crhome user, it seems you will be able to customize this tracking process :) 2. no more browser fingerprinting (or, at...
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    GPT-3 AI Q&A Complex (Quora Style) Answers Generator Needed?

    Wanted to ask you guys if there is a need on the market for a complex answers generator (the Quora style answers)? Obviously, this "generator" will use AI (GPT-3 type of AI). Check this sample: Actual Quora question: Are Wall Street bankers and investors all greedy, stuck up, and arrogant...
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    SENSIT | GPT-3 | 1-Click AutoPilot Full Articles | Unlimited Words/ Article | Rewrite & Enhance Content | API

    User Reviews: How to get the AutoPilot Free Trial? Please post “AutoPilot Extended Free Trial” in this thread. The extended free trial doubles the count of articles you can generate with AutoPilot (6 articles instead of just 3 with the standard free trial)...
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    [Beta-Testers] Automated Full Articles Writen by AI | Between 750 & 1750 words |

    We need your feed-back on our latest project: we managed to create an AI module that will generate full articles/ blog posts. Most of the times these articles don't need need further editing (although it will be possible to edit them in one of the modules which are already available in our app)...
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    AI Content Writer | GPT-3 Based | Long-Form Article Editor, Blog Post Outlines, Product & Video Descriptions & Many Other Modules

    For best results, we strongly recommend you to check all the below mentioned tutorials before using our AI Writing Assistant. Also, please click on the Help button inside each module of our app in order to get specific instructions and tips related to the module you're using. Refund...
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    [Beta Testers] AI Writer - GPT-3 Based - Relevant Content

    Hello BHW, We built a tool that aims to generate long-form relevant and well researched content for blog posts and articles writers. The tool is based and uses various GPT-3 models, just like many other tools on the market right now. However, what makes our tool stand out from the crowd is its...
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    Any Instagram Scraper that works in cloud?

    Is there any IG tool that works in cloud (don't want to handle VPS, proxies, captchas, PVA etc) and scrapes followers of a certain profile, likes, media (pictures), media comments, hashtags , hashtags' posts etc? Thanks!
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    [BETA-TESTERS] Traffic for ranking on Chaturbate - Models & Studios Needed

    As more and more models come to BHW, we thought this is a good place to look for beta-testers (and possibly reviewers, if there will be demand for this service here, on BHW). What is this service about? Traffic for Chaturbate rooms. Real users that will watch your public shows What is the...
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    [Youtube] Is this type of content easily approved for monetization?

    Sorry for the newb question If I create content like the one in the links below, will I be accepted for monetization through adsense on youtube? I think these videos are containing mainly official videos and photos of the products + custom voice over. I know these channels are monetized...
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    [REVIEWERS WANTED] YELP SEO- Ranking on Yelp Without Fake Reviews

    We need some reviewers for our coming service (thread under approval on BHW Marketplace): ranking on Yelp without fake reviews. How it works: We know that each and every social platform loves those listings that bring a lot of external traffic on their website. This means free advertising for...
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    Amazon SEO - Products Ranking FREE - Up to 10 Review Copies

    I am planning to launch an amazon products ranking (SEO) service on BHW but before submitting the actual sales thread, I would like to offer this service for FREE to (up to) 10 memebers of this community in order to have the reviews when the service will be launched. How it works: Each...
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    Porn Reupload: 500K Views on One Video, No Clicks

    I started to test the already famous porn-reupload method and things were working OK: uploaded a few vids, got some clicks and got some conversions, too (which is great, having in mind I uploaded just a few vids). The problem is that, now, I managed to rank one of my video on the first page...
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    [BOT] FaceBook Ads Optimization & Targeting

    I designed a BOT for a customer which was doing the following actions: - scraping all members in a group; - checking each member profile and gather some information about he/she : location, age, interests, likes etc. The customer did not reveal what was he doing with this data and I didn't...
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    [Newb] How to trigger IG phone verification?

    Guys, I know this is a newbie question...I don't have much experience with IG. I need to know this because I would like to make some tests on some PVA accounts, but I don't want to get to the point when IG forces me to phone verify my accounts...I just want to do this verification on my request...
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    Youtube: Copyrighted Content, 1 MIL Subscribers; How do they get away with it?

    If you search 'motivational' on youtube, the first 6 results are from this channel: They have 1 Million subscribers and they started out 2 years ago. 15.5 Million Views 7.1 Million Views 5.7 Million Views 3.8 Million Views...