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  1. NimaZeynali

    Quality google ads accounts ✔️ $350 promotion ✔️ No CC or Proxy Needed ✔️ Weekly discounts!

    Price : $150 for each account Refund Policy? we provide full refund if account got banned for suspicious payment Information Needed? Your landing/website URL and an email for the access. What is TAT? it takes 12-24 hours. Charging Fees : - $50-$200 -> 15% - $200-$500 -> 12% - $500-$1000 ->...
  2. NimaZeynali

    WTH - article rewriter (200 words)

    Hi all need a native article re-writer for sales thread. if you can do copyrighting let me know send samples please
  3. NimaZeynali

    Best PBN provider on bhw?

    Hi all,Im looking for quality (with proof) PBN seller here not shitty ones. if you can recommend some,it could be great Niche : movie site
  4. NimaZeynali

    My [VPN app + servers] your [GP + admob acc and marketing]

    Hi all, I have developed a costume VPN app for android (now working on IOS version) need a friend who has google play (full verified and aged) and admob need know how to get installs for this and I'll help you with adwords camps let me know if you are interested : @bhwnimi (telegram)
  5. NimaZeynali

    How this guy found free servers for VPN app?

    Hi all,I found a guy on flippa who found free servers for his VPN app can anyone tell how is this possible and where can I find a provider?
  6. NimaZeynali

    Best ASO service provider?

    Hi, need a reliable agency or freelancer for ASO but don't know where to find : D
  7. NimaZeynali

    My cheap products - your costumers

    Hi all, I can provide cheap sofas and bedroom furniture sets if you can dropship or find bulk costumers,let me know it costs : $93 for me it costs : $90 - 95 Sorry for bad image quality Location : Middle East Note : I can provide anything for you
  8. NimaZeynali

    Need a hot girl for onlyfans (my marketing)

    Hi all, need a real hot girl for onlyfans (you should create quality content) I'll do marketing side
  9. NimaZeynali

    WTH - Full stack dev

    Hi Need experienced dev for crypto projects Please pm my guy on telegram , thanks @Npar03 - Telegram ID
  10. NimaZeynali

    Google not showing my ads? after a day...

    hi all Yesterday Today No errors or disapprovement
  11. NimaZeynali

    WTH - Automate Movie site

    Hi all, Need an experienced dev to automate a movie streaming + download site the theme will be ready soon (Wordpress) ------------------------------------------------------------ it should download movies from torrent upload it to +5 upload centers fetch it to the movie page check for deleted...
  12. NimaZeynali

    $180/month for VPS (creating VPN app)

    Hi all, we are creating a VPN app and now need quality VPS (different locations) for our app I checked these providers : time4vps ionos ovhcloud hetzner hostika thanks alot active daily users : 10 - 15k
  13. NimaZeynali

    [GiveAway] 45-186 sidebar links to rank youtube videos or spam niches

    Hi all, Total packages : 8 6 : 45 sidebar links (for members with +150 posts) 2 : 186 sidebar links (for JRs) Send your Link(s) and keywords TAT : 2 - 4 days Note : Don't use this package for money site (Only blackhat) my selling thread will be launched soon : D (wish me luck)
  14. NimaZeynali

    Google now showing any description!

    Hi all, one of my pages does'nt have any description! checked with (page source and search console test page and they show description tag) whats happening? although cleared cache from GSC
  15. NimaZeynali

    How? [Sitemap problem]

    Hi all, I didn't upload any sitemaps on site,but it shows many spam urls (its not on my GSC) Not in my GSC and file manager!
  16. NimaZeynali

    Creating private VPN app - where to buy cheap servers?

    Hi all, I want to create private vpn app for android and IOS with maximum 2k daily users (only invited) I saw hetzner servers that costs $4/month with 20TB traffic and 2gb ram that supports 1k users but it has only German and finland Now where can I find US,France,Canada,netherlands ... servers...
  17. NimaZeynali

    [Question] Average admob earning - 2021

    Hi all, Im going to create 2 apps this month,but want to know how much can I earn with these stats? (Min and Max) Active daily users : 5k Countries : tier1 (USA,Netherlands,UK) Pageviews/user : 2 type of apps : VPN and Fitness thanks you NOTE : I searched whole of youtube and quora for this!
  18. NimaZeynali

    [help] Where to download totally free images?

    Hi all, where can I download quality images for my apps? (I know that google trick : D )
  19. NimaZeynali

    Easiest niches for adsense?

    Hi folks I want to hire a content writer for my blog,so want to know whats the easy and good paying niches on adsense? my first goal is $300/month (want to achieve in 1 year)
  20. NimaZeynali

    Use adwords for app marketing? [Help]

    Im going to run couple of quality apps in different niches like quotes,fitness,anime ... so now want to know what is the best way to promote them? (the are not reskinned) my monthly budget is : $200 - $250