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    Musk to go ahead with Twitter purchase?

    Twitter shares are halted with reports that Musk is now actually going to go ahead and buy Twitter.
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    What will the next big social media platform be?

    Is there anything very small at the moment, which given time will be the next TikTok/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook? Maybe something more virtual reality based such as what Meta is aiming more towards, and less about the user typing on screen or uploading images/video clips.
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    Your service/guide and my marketing

    I'm open to working with a couple of people who have their own online/digital service or guide/ebook/manual etc. If you don't yet have a service, but you're talented at something online then we can create the service together. I'll bring in all the traffic. 50/50 split - the customer can pay...
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    Payment Gateway Alternatives (NOT Paypal or Stripe)

    Due to Paypal banning my business account simply because I made 2 disputes within a short space of time, and Stripe not allowing me to sell guides/ebooks via landing pages (Christ knows why!), I'm needing something else. This appears to be much more difficult than it should be. I'm using...
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    Looking for talented writers (all subjects)

    I'm in need of some reliable talented writers who I can outsource work to. From experience, English is your first language You can cover most subjects, carry out research where needed and provide exceptional quality. Have Skype for any necessary communication Be able to accept payment via...
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    Your Instagram Growth Experience / My Audience

    I'm looking to work with people who are experienced in growing Instagram accounts. This could be via tools such as Jarvee and using methods such as following/unfollowing. I have a large audience (over 50 million) and so I'll work on the marketing and bring in the customers while you take the...
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    Looking for a BIG list of facts

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for someone to create a very big list of facts (that are 100% correct, not just made up), that can be used on social media. So they have to be short 1 sentence facts. As for numbers, around 3000+ would be a good start.
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    Tool to split huge text file into X number of lines?

    I have Scrapebox, but it seems to take too long and requires too much memory. The text file has over 45 million lines. I want to split this file into 45 separate files (1 million each). Are there any other tools that can do this? I'd also like a tool that can randomize the lines in the text file.
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    Best payment method to accept a recurring monthly fee? (not Paypal)

    I'm marketing a list of businesses and I give this list away free to potential customers, charging the businesses a low monthly fee to be featured. I no longer have a Paypal business account (they banned it as I made a few disputes) and so I'm looking for a solid alternative that allows people...
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    Designing a landing page - feedback please?

    I've been designing a landing page in Elementor and was wondering if any of you could please give your professional feedback on it?
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    Setting up a new landing page - feedback please

    As the title suggests, I'm setting up a new landing page and just wondering if 2-3 of you could give your professional opinion on the design and layout? If you have 2-3 minutes spare, I'll send the URL over. Thanks!
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    Ahref Users: How many sites can I run through the Quick Batch Analysis per day/month ?

    It seems I need at least the Standard license (£159 per month) to do this, as the Lite license doesn't have Quick Batch Analysis. For anybody who has a genuine paid license, how many domains can be run through the Quick Batch Analysis daily and monthly if I have a list of sites that I want to...
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    Twitter & Patreon: Potential?

    So I run an educational Twitter account (over 3 million followers), which tweets out knowledge, and facts about pretty much every subject on the planet. I do pretty well with blog posts and Adsense, but I wonder whether something such as Patreon could work even better? I don't want to rely on...
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    ReCaptcha - using VPS ip address instead of proxies?

    I've been using CapMonster to solve my ReCaptcha v2/v3 and if I turn the proxies off and use my VPS ip, it seems to solve at least just as many in 10 minutes, vs if I used the paid proxies. I must be missing something, but has anybody tried the same thing? Providing the thread count isn't too...
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    Replying to an email with a different email address they sent it to? Delivery rate issue?

    So somebody emails me at my email address [email protected] I then reply to that person but from a different email address [email protected] Should my reply still get back to them even though it's not the same email address they originally sent the mail to? I seem to remember reading something...
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    Recommendation for a portfolio/web design template?

    Something which has the categories at the top, and in each category the visitor can click the designs and view it in more detail - either by scrolling through popup images or an actual demo.
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    Amazon Pubishing: My Marketing/Traffic + Your Writing Input

    I'm looking to work with someone who (ideally) has experience with writing and publishing books on Amazon. I have the social media traffic and know what kind of subjects will work the best - so there shouldn't be any need to pay for any advertising. Just looking for people to work with who...
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    Domain registrar that offer free email hosting - any suggestions?

    I'm looking to purchase cheap domain names (.com ideally) that also come with free email hosting included, where I can simply add the email, IMAP settings etc to software such as Outlook.
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    Paypal: If I include 'No Refund' in the invoice, does that cover me for disputes?

    When I send a Paypal invoice out if I include in the invoice that once the work has been started, we don't offer refunds, would that help if they file a dispute at a later date? Example: say I created a written article for somebody and I said in the invoice, I include 2 revisions, but once...
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    Will raising the DR (Ahrefs), also raise the DA (Moz)?

    I've noticed that raising the Moz DA doesn't necessarily mean a rise in DR, but as DR is generally more accurate/trustworthy, does this mean if the DR gets a raise, due to strong backlinks, the DA will also increase? Asking those who have worked at increasing both for their site.