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    Hola community !

    Hola back at you and welcome.
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    Sending PBN links to guest posts

    Wankers trick and this is why webmasters remove guest posts / pages.
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    Been there over 25 times in the past 12 years. Good place to do business. I think these places are what you want to make of it, a bit of culture, very little history. Pop across to Oman instead for that. We have eaten out at all types of restaurants from cheap & cheerful Karachi Darbar to...
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    ❤️⚡⚡ Possibly The Best Crowd Links On the Forum ⚡⚡❤️ ⏩ High Traffic links ✅ ⚡⚡

    Thanks for the feedback I'll let the team know. Look forward to your next orders.
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    [Suggestion] Have you tried chase reiner?

    Most courses and methods are rehashed from other rehashed stuff. Same applies in most industries. Buy my $5k course this week only for $99 and join my super elite, invite only private FB group where I can upsell you tons of my other stuff or suggest a range of services from trusted providers...
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    [Journey] Ranking A Site That Uses AI Generated Content

    I saw a few ai sites get slapped in certain niches, I also saw some improve in other niches where real sites were dropping. Out of interest, how much internal linking do you do please mate?
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    You do realise this account you acquired is 4 years old? Welcome all the same.
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    What niche should I go into?

    Ask yourself; Does it look natural to you? Will Google think it's natural, for example, that a website that was a restaurant is now selling lawn mowers. If you are unlucky and they do a manual review, that is where the issues could arise.
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    Free backlinks tool

    Very useful, will have a play with these over the weekend.
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    What are the benefits and drawbacks of repeating keywords in Meta tags and content pages?

    Have you actually read what you have posted? WTF is this drivel? One drawback of repeating keywords in a webpage’s meta tags or content pages is that it can result in slightly fewer unique visitors than if you didn't repeat any text.
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    What niche should I go into?

    Same/similar niche as it was before.
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    How to Rank #1 in Keywords

    Before buying any SEO software you need to learn the basics of SEO.
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    Have you ever rebranded a website with new domain name?

    Yes and had clients do this too, just make sure you get your redirects spot on.
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    Do you upgrade iphone every year?

    Vanity is the only reason most do this, that ' look at me' status, as most times there's no new functionality. Then again, I don't have a phone :) It's like the numpties who sleep outside the store for 3 days to buy the latest phone, Xbox etc = laughable.
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    Little suggestion for new rule to avoid spam (?)

    Do not ask beta testers to bump or like your main sales thread to claim a review copy. Just keep click the report button....
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    Volunteer Moderators Wanted

    Almost there... Requirements Applicants must be over 18 years of age. Applicants must be proficient in the English language, although proficiency in a second language is a plus. Members with excellent written communication skills will be especially desirable. Applicants must not have a live...
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    [HELP] Tell Me How To Spend This $100 To Make More With CPAGrip

    Worst site ever and avoid like the plague. Posted a job on there over a year ago, offering well above average pay. Zero applicants. This is a paid platform, I was contacted by one of their staff who poached me from where I had a job posted including the email address. She said 30...
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    Is it possible to manage 100,000 websites?

    It is 10 sites per person. That's all.
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    How to protect my sites from spam for free?

    Akismet or Cloudflare are your best options.