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    Love Island Has Started

    The new season of Love Island has just started. Some of you will have no clue what I talking about but those that do, who watches it? I find the actual program to be utter tripe but it has some very nice benefits. So when the misses says I want to watch Love Island I always say ok then, I’ll...
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    The Crisp Diet

    Following up from the favourite crisp thread and my mention of my lunch last week, here is today’s lunch. We have a peanut butter sarnie. Crisps from the left - flaming hot monster munch, beef hula hoops, bacon frazzles, bacon wheat crunchies and finally the stick things are twiglets. All...
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    Just sold all my poo coin to buy dream nissan

    What do you guys think, should I go for it? Been dreaming about this car for years
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    A Google My Business Linking Guide For Beginners

    This could end up being the worst guide not only in the history of bhw but of mankind. The biggest mistake I've made since swiping right only for her husband, a wild rhinoceros, to come home from a hard day at the swamp and find me wearing his pyjamas, smoking his cigars and in bed with his...
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    Has anyone tried the lock stock method?

    For anyone who knows the movie lock stock and two smoking barrels, one of the guys mentions a way to make some money. I can’t remember it exactly and someone might be able to correct me but it goes something like this. You post an ad for the best arse tickling anal dildo and how amazing it...
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    Sape Problem

    I normally check the page tf, cf and page authority before purchasing links using mozilla sape toolbar. Today when trying to bring up the metrics I am only seeing domain tf and domain authority. Anyone else seeing this problem? I've not changed any settings and its a pain in the ass not being...