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    Hi Bro, Can you please update the link of the Kadence WP Theme Pro Addon? Thanks
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    Does anyone know how to do this on Astra Theme?

    Simply install the Generateblocks plugin and use the Query Loop block. You can get articles from any categories, tags, CPT, etc.
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    [AMA] ⭐ Ask Me Anything About WordPress 2022 ⭐ Get Advice for FREE!

    How to create Custom Post Types where URL is like this example(.)com/category-name/post-url instead of example(.)com/cpt-name/post-url?
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    Anyone got adsense payment today? i am getting this error on payments page

    Are you using any adblocker? Try to disable it if it's on.
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    [VENOM SEO] - Offering amazing GOLD Package Links - absolutely FREE

    Interested, Thanks, and Good luck with sales too.
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    Multi step form in WordPress

    Any easiest way to create a multi-step form like this ( bullmarketz(.)com)? I think this is the nicest way to attract visitors so I wanted to try it out but can't find the same plugin that the site is using. so seeking help. Thanks
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    Fastest way to make a good looking website

    Go with paid themes like GeneratePress and you can get the existing site library (pre-built sites) import it and edit it. Within an hour the site will be ready.
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    If you don’t cry after seeing Messi Cry then

    Completely heartbroken
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    [GIVEAWAY] Anything you want from Envato Elements

    Thank You So much Last one Please
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    [GIVEAWAY] Anything you want from Envato Elements
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    I am having issues with the Genesis Theme

    I think File Manager plugins will help in this case.
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    Does Reddit Block Forex Word while Creating Community?

    When I want to create a community in Reddit. It is blocking my community directly which has Forex words. Is it against the Reddit policy?
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    if anybody knows Free Keyword research tools?
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    Do you trust AI Content Generator?

    Basically, we see lots of AI content generators in the market like conversion .io, copy. io, etc. Do you really trust these sites. I have seen some of the threads here where it is working perfectly for them. My Questions are 1. Will Google find whether it is AI-generated content or not in...
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    What is the cheapest way to boost your website in Facebook?

    Thank You Guys for the input
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    What is the cheapest way to boost your website in Facebook?

    I am actually thinking to boost my several posts to generate traffic targeting some countries. I am going to use Traffic Objective. Is using Facebook Pixel only a way to get good results? Any way to get the results at the cheapest cost? Thanks