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  1. randomstrings

    Any free service for domain redirect

    Hi, i dont know if its a thing or nothing, What i am looking for Main domain redirected to But I don't want to know from its log that traffic is coming from a com Just need some random multiple 301 redirect Like A com goes to fyyft.con goes to 14&6-+7 org goes to [email protected]_...
  2. randomstrings

    Any chance of FTX revival?

    I am holding their bull tokens, and i have no idea where to move them even metamask not adding those token, it was some significant investment, any insight here.
  3. randomstrings

    Udemy black friday sale is on...

    Grabbed a few courses, i had requested here at download request as its was cost like 100 usd, now grabbed at like 4 usd, all comes with free lifetime access so will continue learning, which course you are planning to have
  4. randomstrings

    Is Twitter really going down

    Hi, i am just plain curious whats really happening with twitter, is it really going to die.
  5. randomstrings

    My press release domian and client

    Hi, i have recently acquired a 7 yo press release related domain name, if you have clients who are looking for PR or you are an agency who just wish to expend the portfolio we can work. I am seeing a lot of surge in PRs once again so this seems like a good idea. HMU if need to discuss.
  6. randomstrings

    LoL, am i killing at reddit

    So, just leaned that you can see stats on reddit post, i have posted in some big subr and its going crazy volume, thinking to divert some traffic, as the post contains some current issue and people are asking updates.
  7. randomstrings

    What is relation between PAA sites and aged domains?

    Can someone care to explain, i am seeing surge in demand for old domain for PAA sites, what is thought process between two ?
  8. randomstrings

    Which section of bhw you visit most?

    For me its wtb/jv and shitlist, what about you. PS: once in a month i go to jr vip zone.
  9. randomstrings

    Why people still uses paypal for smaller payment like 20 or 50 usd

    PayPal fee are ridiculously high and sending over tron network will cost penny. I have started to encourage my buyers to pay with crypto if they ask to pay via PayPal i add 10 percent fee over the final paypal fee.
  10. randomstrings

    Binance trial funds query

    Hi, Binanace gave me 1000 usd trial funds for saving, and i auto invested that amount and its fetching daily interest, my question is do i get to keep the interest part when trial over ?
  11. randomstrings

    Gmail app not showing other providers email after adding

    Hi, I am not sure if i am able to tell my problem properly or not, but here is what i am facing I have an android phone, samsung m21 It is standard phone with no root or any other tweaks I have added my person gmail, outloo, yahoo email to standard gmail app Earlier i was able to see all...
  12. randomstrings

    Question regarding amazon seller or amazon affiliate in indian perspective

    Hi, I have like 30k INR spare this month to spend, and willing to explore the area of amazon seller or amazon affiliate, below are my options and questions for both I am based in delhi and have access to large wholesale market of anykind, so even selling isnt a problem, but what i need to do...
  13. randomstrings

    I will design a wp website for you

    Hi, Most of you most probably knows about wp and making sites, i consider myself little good in designing wordpress and customisation, If mods allow, i propose below giveaway I will make a nice looking wp website for you. I will do the theme research and plugin work I will write 2 articles...
  14. randomstrings

    Anyone having discount coupon

    Hi, does anyone here any spare flippa listing coupon, any amount is appreciated. Hope this is allowed here. If not please remove.
  15. randomstrings

    Festinger got me good at reditt

    My man has set his targeting right, just saw his ad on reddit, dude milking high cpc, kudos.
  16. randomstrings

    I lost 10 dollar in pancake swap prediction game

    So, those who know pks has some bnb prediction game, i put appx 10 usd to predict and i actually won, but when i went to withdraw i was having low gas fee so i left the winning and moved to new task, After 5 hour i opened the bnb and those fukers converted my victory to lose and support claims...
  17. randomstrings

    As an SEO blackhatter, what are worst and best corporation as per you?

    For me Microsoft are best corporation, like they actually allowed free copies of their softwares to be downloaded from their own site,and even if you torrent it and they caught you, you will only get a not genuine window or office message and you get to do your basic work or even advance too...
  18. randomstrings

    Sending image in PM

    Sometimes its necessary to send some screenshots or so in PM and honestly i didn't see any option of doing so, what i do just upload image on some site and share the links. Atleast allow jr vip to directly share image.
  19. randomstrings

    Binance suks

    I have transferred my crypto from other exchange to binanace in order to withdraw using p2p function, now they have put 24 hour restriction on withdrawal, as its some anti fraud measure from them. Did anyone eleae faced same or i am special scammer for them.
  20. randomstrings

    How to report crypto earning in India?

    Hi, Recently i started to accepting crypto. All funds received are in some foreign wallet not having any legal requirements in india, My problem is, i want to get that money in my bank account and for this i have to transfer the same to some indian exchange, While i have no problem in paying...