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  1. fb3003

    how to find out transaction history on a public key (tether)?

    if you have a key that is about 35 characters for tether (assuming you call this a public key?), how can you see the tether transactions behind it? assuming you call this a tether public key? correct?
  2. fb3003

    what do you call the application that helps you to manage your website banner space?

    is there a tool that helps you to manage your website banner space? for example, client X, wants banner A for 25% of the time in a day. Client Z wants banner A for 10% of the time in a day.... i am sure that such a tool exists. I am not finding much luck when I search in google and youtube.
  3. fb3003

    chrome extension: serp counter?

    i was using google serp counter in chrome. it is not working anymore and has been removed from chrome store. can't find any other similar tools that would show the position of each search result. any suggestions for chrome? update: found this...
  4. fb3003

    iptorrent invite?

    anyone has an invite for iptorrent that you can send me?! thanks in advance
  5. fb3003

    BST for getting your perm ban undone on BHW?

    anyone thought about creating a BST for getting your perm ban removed from BHW?! I miss vigilante & blackhat lifter. !! even miss josh saga! how about trial by combat?!
  6. fb3003

    how to search for a particular user in BHW?

    in member lookup section, you cannot lookup using *. for example *joe*, does not work. Is there another way to find a particular member, where you know a portion of their alias? I am looking antpestcontrol guy. not sure about his exact alias.
  7. fb3003

    Josh Bachynski: "Complete Onpage SEO for an AI World" new 2 hour tutorial video

    Guys - I have followed Josh Bachynski for several years. Have learned a lot from his videos. He has just published a new 2 hour video about on-page SEO. "SEO Tutorial Wow! Get an EASY, FREE and future proof over the shoulder tutorial on onpage SEO, find the right keywords that are GUARANTEED...
  8. fb3003

    desktop search tool ?

    i used to use Google Desktop Search to search for my PC files. The app is no longer updated. Do you guys have any recommendations that deliver the same result?
  9. fb3003

    ping davids355

    ping @davids355 Dear Sir!!!!! Party foul!!! It is almost 6 months pass Christmas, don't you think it is time to change your avatar?! at minimum, how about gingerbread man on beach?! p.s. Don't you dare to give me the "asked, answered, closed" treatment!!!!!!
  10. fb3003

    asking for contact info? part 2

    @Zwielicht - regarding this: my understanding when you are given a review copy, the provider is not allowed to ask for your skype, email, etc in order to provide the review...
  11. fb3003

    was I a dick?

    @BunnyHop12 reached out to me about a JV, and I told him to drop dead! what would you guys have done?! also, what is the intention of PMing someone and requesting a JV? why not do it in public?! I smell something fishy
  12. fb3003

    how is everyone doing?!

    life must suck now anyone got balls to buy coinbase stock now?! if you do, then them got to be size of grapefruits!!
  13. fb3003

    any one can provide a full ahref backlink report on pornhub?

    guys - anyone can provide a full ahref backlink report on I want to see what kind of links ahref picksup, in particular tumbrl and twitter this is related to @praetserge - fyi
  14. fb3003

    Shinobii banned

    @Shinobii sent me a PM, it was a long one. just read the first 2 lines and responded to him: not interested in whatever you are selling, providing, asking, etc. This was few hours ago, now I see s/he is banned. can mods explain what happened? what did he mention in his PMs?
  15. fb3003

    any xiaomi fanatic users here?

    any xiaomi fanatic users here who just love custom roms? if so, how has been your experience and what type of xiaomi phone do you have?
  16. fb3003

    Product reviews and asking for reviewer information?

    A question about what is posted here: in particular: "Do not include links in your post to off-site forms to collect user's information, email opt-ins, or any other mechanism used to harvest user...
  17. fb3003

    Onlyfans subforum requests!!!!!

    since we recently got a reddit subforum, I think it totally makes sense for us to get an onlyfans subforum!!!! just think about the new users we will get and all the review copies we can grab!!!!! all in favor, say aye: ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye those opposed say no: (cricket sounds)!!
  18. fb3003

    Members from Ukraine?

    Do we have any members from Ukraine? Mods - do you have an insight into BHW traffic from Ukraine and how it is right now as compared to normal times?!
  19. fb3003

    play this streaming video directly in vlc?

    is there a way to play the streaming video on this link, directly in vlc? i could grab a working link for the video from the site
  20. fb3003

    RE: This is very important

    guys, I am busy.. so you guys can reply to this email and make money -----Original Message----- From: Ms. Linda Benson <[email protected]> Sent: Wednesday, February 2, 2022 6:30 PM To: undisclosed-recipients: Subject: This is very important Dear friend, It’s my pleasure to meet...