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    Twitter a good place to monetize ?

    Is twitter a difficult place to monetize traffic ?
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    May 3, 2006 first snapshot of bhw

    Look what i have found on
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    The oldest BHW Member?

    Can we find the oldest bhw member ? :D
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    Do you like ASMR cooking, like this?
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    What for niche for text to speech ?

    Hello, what for niche i can go for text to speech ? I think to show some images or short video segmemts. Any Suggestions ?
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    What TV show never had a decline in quality?

    Look title :)
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    Have you ever made a surprising amount of money while testing?

    Please tell how :)
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    Which country has the tastiest food?

    I think it is China, i love china food :P
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    What's the most boring sport to watch?

    What do you think ? :D
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    Thats My Day...

    Waiting for the ADAC...
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    Search Skilled Freelancer

    Hello, i am searching very skilled Freelancer with any skill. I want to work with you in Long Therm. Please PM me.
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    [Giveaway] 300 E-Mails from Crypto Niche

    I send the first 3 each 100 emails. You have to be fast ;)
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    [Beta Tester] Mass Gmail Sender Software | Searching max. 10 Tester |

    I have developed a mass gmail sender software and i need some tester. please write Interested if you want to test. I need max. 10 Tester (the first 10). Dont Pm me, i write you the next steps for the testing phase. Requirements - min. 10 gmail accounts - min. 5 proxies - own email list for sending
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    Anyone nows Blog Sites ?

    I am searching sites like or The important think is that i sites like that and have the domain like that. For example or Thanks for helping ^^
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    On what time is the most active Traffic on this Forum?

    Anyone now that ? :D
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    What do you think about Contact Form Marketing?

    Hello, i want to start with contact form marketing. have anyone sucess with this ? my idea is to sell a service or promote social media what you think about that ? please give some advice or suggest. can i have good results if i send like 1.000.000 messages ?
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    How have you make your first Money

    I start :D I have earned my first money on Have made a scraper for real estate and have made 100$. Now you ;)
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    [GIVEAWAY] 650+ Scraped E-Mails Crypto Niche

    Hey Guys! I want to give you all this list of E-Mails. I have Scraped around over 650 E-Mails today. Enjoy it! E-Mails Crypto 650+.txt
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    [Question] Is it allowed to promote my own service via Signature ?

    Is it only allowed affiliate links via the signature or can i promote my service with the signature ? I tell this question because i see some people promote there service with signature. I want to be careful :D