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  1. The Data Scientist

    Short Story About an Illegal Backlinking Method

    Hi members of BHW, I wanted to share a short story about an illegal backlinking method. At the end, I'm asking you a question. I would appreciate any answer! Enjoy! I did a backlink profile analysis (hidden and common backlinks) of a competitor domain for a client recently and noticed something...
  2. The Data Scientist

    Sales Thread Dashboard

    Dear BHW community and staff, it would be really great to have a dashboard where you can see the performance of your sales thread (real time visitors, CTR etc.). Basically a Matomo dashboard for your own sales thread. That would help a lot. Thank you for considering my feedback! Sincerely, The...
  3. The Data Scientist

    Signature Resolution

    Hi BHW community and staff, currently, signatures are limited to 728x90 pixels. That is a small resolution which does not look sharp on high-res displays. I would love to be able to use a 1456x180 pixels signature while keeping the same size. Thank you for considering my feedback! Sincerely...
  4. The Data Scientist

    Sales Thread Max Image Width

    Dear BHW community and staff, I find it annoying that many sales threads are zoomed in massively on large screens (I use 32" 4k screen). If a sales thread has a high resolution, it will use all the width that is available. Please limit the maximum width of a sales thread image to prevent this...
  5. The Data Scientist

    Poll & Discussion: DR vs TF vs DA

    Hi members of BHW, which off-page metric do you prefer to evaluate the SEO power of a domain? I would be interested in your opinions! I have used Majestic a lot in the past, and I like their Trust Flow (TF) metric for a rough assessment of a domain (competition and expired domain analysis). Few...
  6. The Data Scientist

    Bitcoin Dump & Pump Is Close

    Hi members of BHW, Bitcoin will start to dump slightly below 30k today or tomorrow. Too much greed if you look at Open Interest and Funding Rates since months. Longs need to get wiped out before a moonshot. I also think that BTC will start pumping aggressively again shortly before Christmas. I...
  7. The Data Scientist

    SEO Tools In The BHW Marketplace Are Buried

    Dear BHW members and staff, I'm a marketplace seller and my sales thread is located in the "SEO - Other" category. This category does not get a lot of traffic which is a shame because it is full of useful SEO tools. In my opinion SEO tools are just as import as link building and should not be...
  8. The Data Scientist

    Where To Buy Good Expired Domains?

    Dear BHW members, can you recommend an expired domain seller here on BHW or an external one? I need domains for a new high quality PBN. Sincerly, The Data Scientist
  9. The Data Scientist

    How Do You Defeat Blackhat Competition?

    Hello Whitehats of BHW, I'm curious to know what measures and tools you use to analyze and outrank Blackhat SEO competition. Also what challenges do you encounter to outrank Blackhat competition on Google? Blackhat SEOs use Private Blog Networks (PBNs) built upon expired or auctioned domains...
  10. The Data Scientist

    What Techniques Do You Know To Hide Outbound Links Of A PBN?

    Hi guys, I'm doing some research to find out what techniques exists and which are most popular among Blackhat SEOs for hiding outgoing PBN links. The most obvious methods are "robots.txt disallow entry" and ".htaccess third party crawler blocking" of course. Feel also free to throw some...
  11. The Data Scientist

    Minimizing Google Waiting Period

    Dear BHW members, this is my first contribution on this forum. It's just a small method which I've been using for quite a long time. Maybe for some of you it's new. Let's begin. Building new sites from scratch is not always necessary if you're in a niche which is already used by others. Instead...
  12. The Data Scientist

    The Data Scientist

    Hello BHW Community, I'm new to BHW as a member but I'm watching threads since quite a long time ago. Now I'm going to get active. I'm also not new to SEO since it was my only incomestream during my studies. I'm a business data processing specialist. Now comes the interesting part. I'm...