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  1. Dmyles

    GOOGLE ADSENSE - We’ve found some policy violations on your site

    Google AdSense says "We’ve found some policy violations on your site which means your site isn’t ready to show ads yet. Make sure your site follows the AdSense Program Policies". I am struggling to figure out exact problem. I have fixed duplicate content issue, no thin content and published more...
  2. Dmyles

    Is VPN important for streaming in fire stick?

    Hello guys! Please clear my doubts regarding vpn. Is that really important to use vpn on a fire stick? I'm using thop tv,Oreo tv,etc. I'm not sure those apps legal or not? If I use those apps without vpn, will I get any trouble? If the vpn is important, will it be streaming smoothly with...
  3. Dmyles

    Does image copyright really a issue?

    Does image copyright really a issue? If so, let's say someone pays for an image and used in their blog and I download it then use it on my blog after changing image name,alt text,etc. Does that create a copyright issues?
  4. Dmyles

    How many apps have you installed on your mobile?

    Just wondering how many apps have you installed on your mobile (exclude pre installed apps) ? I have 79 apps installed on my mobile after I recently uninstalled pubg
  5. Dmyles

    Any keyword research expert? A doubt is killing me.

    Hello there, I am very confused about this. Assume I choose a focus keyword and optimize content around it. When the content starts ranking, it ranks for different keyword. Now the doubt is, when I try to link building for that post, which keyword should I use? The focus keyword or top keyword...
  6. Dmyles

    Canonical link from SEO view?

    Hi there, what happens in Google when we add source link or canonical URL to our post? Will that post still worth to rank? Or Google will ignore apart from indexing it?
  7. Dmyles

    [DISCUSSION] Metrics for guest blogging?

    Hello everyone. What are the metrics you'll check when you pick a blog for guest posting?
  8. Dmyles

    Minimize redirects?

    Hi, how to minimize redirects of a WordPress site?
  9. Dmyles

    How often Ahref crawls your site?

    Hi, I've an article which was posted few months ago and it ranks only for few keywords according to Ahref. So I analyzed my competitor article and added set of unique keywords from his site. Problem is, I don't think Ahref crawled to that article after I updated it. It's been more than a month...
  10. Dmyles

    Is it possible to improve DA without backlinks?

    Hello everyone, Is it possible to improve DA without backlinks? If yes, then tell me how?
  11. Dmyles

    How to change link color?

    Hi, When I try to change the link color in my articles, it changes the every links including home pages.menus.etc. How do I fix it?
  12. Dmyles

    Forward not supported in video

    Hi, there are few videos not supporting fast forward. If it's coding,then please tell where exactly I have to look into. Note - only few videos not supporting. But i video plays well
  13. Dmyles

    Free Android app builder.

    Hi, Is there any free app builder supports push notification and auto refresh? Note - Want to covert a website into app
  14. Dmyles

    Alternative to AdSense?

    Guys, is there any alternative reliable program for AdSense? Name it please.
  15. Dmyles

    Twitter Hacked

    Most influenced twitter accounts Hacked. Jeff Bezos,Obama,Elon Musk, Bill Gates and so on. All in the same time. It seems Hacker have the access for every single account in twitter and they just use it when they needed it. Don't they ?
  16. Dmyles

    Keyword not ranking on Ahref

    I competed an article from another site and build backlinks to outrank it. It's been almost a month and I don't see any keyword starts to ranking yet albeit their metrics lower than mine. What Am I missing?
  17. Dmyles

    Any restriction on sharing links?

    Is there any restriction on sharing links here? Not for a promotional. Just for a helping purpose as someone wants me to suggest a tool.
  18. Dmyles

    Any traffic generator shows traffic on Ahref and Semrush?

    Is there any traffic generator available which able to show their traffic on tools like Ahref and Semrush?
  19. Dmyles

    Help! Adsense not approved!

    I have site based on multi niche which is close 4 years old. 455 articles have been published so far and using a premium theme. I have submitted my site for Google adsense approval for several time and they rejected for not following their AdSense Program Policies. I check all my content with...
  20. Dmyles

    BHW Push notification on mobile browser

    I can't see push notification works well on my mobile browser. Is that true or it's just my browser?