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  1. Negi Ji

    Just reached 16k on fiverr

    Just hoping that i reached the 20k level soon and be a pro level seller. Thank you all for all the help and support this forum has given me and I will always be thankful to the forum for giving so much knowledge.
  2. Negi Ji

    Ronaldo does partnership with binance

    I just read the news that Ronaldo is doing partnership with Binance to sell NFT'S. What do you guys think about this and do you think it can help crypto reach new heights?
  3. Negi Ji

    What are your views on Data scientist/anylyst?

    Hey guys, I am thinking of switching my career to be a data scientist so is anyone here working as a data scientist or data analyst? I just want to know the challenges faced by the beginner in this industry and what are the disadvantages of this as online everyone talks about the salary, future...
  4. Negi Ji

    Nigerian king has sent me 10 BTC

    Now i can proudly reply to the threads on BHW about the millionaires routine and work life balance. I will soon change my username to King Negi.
  5. Negi Ji

    Any restraunt owner?

    Hey, Is there anyone in this forum who has opened a Quick Service Restaurant. I am thinking of opening but kinda a afraid of not able to manage the process and daily activity and i think it can led to a failure. It will be very genuine if anyone drop his/her views there about opening and what...
  6. Negi Ji

    Crypto Exchange Service

    Hey, Can anyone please tell me the names of exchange services who take payment in crypto and sends fiat through paypal or payoneer to other person? Please mention the name of only trusted exchanges Thank you
  7. Negi Ji

    Get your article published in TechBullion with do-follow Backlinks in just $20

    Techbullion is a renowned website with more than thousands of users per day. If you get links from renowned websites like Techbullion. It may help you boost your authority. What You will get from Techbullion Guest post: 1. Do-Follow Link 2. Google Index Guaranteed 3. Instant Publishing 4. All...
  8. Negi Ji

    Reminder : Please do it before it's too late

    Please hug and spend time with your parents before it's too late because after they are gone no amount of money is gonna bring them back to you so you better up your ass and go to them and tell them how much you love them I wish I can talk to my dad and tell him how much he means to me and...
  9. Negi Ji

    How to find this?

    Hello, I want to ask how do you find the link for the website which is not google indexed or searchable on that particular website. For example If you will search...
  10. Negi Ji

    I am so happpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppy

    Really don't know what to write to express my happiness so just writing the good news 1. I have achieved a 10k mark on Fiverr in just 10 months. 2. I have earned more than $4k this month. Thank you all for all the help and support this forum has given me and I will always be thankful to the...
  11. Negi Ji

    Please Help in Marketplace thread

    Hey, My marketplace thread just got live and I realized that the picture I uploaded was looking very tiny in the thread so how to edit that thing and do I have to ask the moderator or Report the thread with a change image, Please tell me how to do it the changes. Thanks in advance.
  12. Negi Ji

    Get your article featured on Premium website like yahoo finance and yahoo news in just $150

    This Thread is all in one yahoo jackpot package in which your 1 article will be published under 6 yahoo categories at just the price of just 1 article. Excited, isn't it? Price $150 Only! It doesn’t include writing but if you want we can write it for you in just $5...
  13. Negi Ji

    Looking for this website

    Does anyone has access to this website- ?? If yes, Please Dm me your price and TAT for publishing the article. Thank you
  14. Negi Ji

    5k+ on Fiverr

    Just reached 5k+ in 7 months on Fiverr, My ultimate goal is to reach 20k by the end of this year, Kinda tough but will try to achieve this goal. Thank you all for all the help and support this forum has given me and I will always be thankful to the forum for giving so much knowledge. Just a...
  15. Negi Ji

    Shitcoins are on Fiverr now

    For the last 2-3, I am getting lots of messages about publishing about their NFT and other shitcoin on yahoo and other High DA websites and my hands are paining by constantly saying them, no but one of the guys just ordered my gig for yahoo without asking and after I said no to him, he told me...
  16. Negi Ji

    Proud Of Myself Today

    Hey guys, Just want to tell you that what happened today and I am really proud of myself. My aunt called me today and she told me that she wants $300 basically she is asking for his son who is living in another state of India but due to covid, he lost his job and want to come to his hometown...
  17. Negi Ji

    Looking for reviews

    Hey guys, Is there anyone who is providing reviews on Looking for a client. Please dm me rates and discount if found in bulk. Thank you
  18. Negi Ji

    Help me in managing my work

    Hey guys, Kind of stuck in my work so, please help me in arranging my work, and please do leave your suggestions on how can I manage all this. Currently, I have PR Marketing, my own youtube channel in which I will share tips and tricks for the people who want to learn DM, FB lead ads clients...
  19. Negi Ji

    Just turned blue

    Hey guys, Finally, I make up my mind and bought the membership and now I am a junior VIP. Searching for Paypal money generator :p
  20. Negi Ji

    Whitebit Safemoon Glitch

    I was just checking the balance and don't know what glitch happens, it is showing this balance:p:p I was thinking of retirement for a moment:D:D