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    Compiling a list of all the business models in the field of Internet Marketing.

    I am making this thread so that everyone can have a repository of straight forward IM business model list. At the core of each business there is a simple business model that is same for all the competitors in that niche. Everyone tries to differentiate themselves with each other by their own...

    Any Method online that can be automated using Bots, programming or even VAs. ( Passive/Semi Passive Income )

    In the field of internet marketing, there are varied methods that help people achieve their online financial freedom. Some make fortune in ecommerce, some create Youtube videos earn through Adsense, others make blogs and website earn from Adsense too. But when we speak about some repetitive...

    Someone is running a SpaceX Bitcoin/ETH scam running live. Check it!

    This guy is running a double your crypto scam. Restreaming the spacex live stream. Made a good website to look convincing. He has fking 10k viewers LIVE right now. I can't imagine how many people fell for his scam.

    What are some IG Methods that can be completely Automated using programming or bots?

    I am working with a developer on automating youtube video creation and uploading. It's going good for me because the developer is very talented. I am thinking what else can be automated. Give me some examples. AUTOMATION == Passive Income That's what I believe so shoot ur recommendations

    Does a Channel get monetized if 90% of the views are from the backlink (external source)

    Will my my YouTube channel be accepted for YPP if more than 90% views are coming from external source that are embedded videos.

    [Journey] Managing 30 social media brands on YouTube / Facebook to Earn $36000 PM

    Background about me: Hi Fellow BHW members, In 2012 when I was in my 6th grade I was surprised to know that my friend had earned $1000 it was really surprising for a 12 year old kid to earn $1000. In India it's a big amount for a middle class person. I was interested in his story and begged him...

    Thread for Indians: Withdrawing Cryptocurrency to Indian Bank account. What are the limitations?

    Suppose someone has 10 crores Rupees transaction to do with an Indian business partner. They made this money through a deal, but received cash from the client. Now they cannot just directly deposit 10Cr it into bank accounts because the trade is kind of illegal here in India. So they ask the...

    Facebook Blocking new accounts made using VPN

    I am facing Instant blocks for accounts made using VPN. is this due to some new update? I tried making new account using incognito, mobile, diffrent browser, different vpn. iinstant block on all Dooms day for account creation

    Doesn't Facebook Care about copyrighted content on it's pages? Facebook's Current methods.

    From past week I am highly focused on Facebook trying to build multiple Facebook pages so that I can start earning through Instream ads. I have noticed that 40% of the Facebook pages are using some copyrighted content like some scenes from movies or TV show, random internet videos, compilation...

    Highest Paying YOUTUBE Cash Cow Niches

    I know that CPM keeps changing according to the advertiser's trends yet for an rough Idea I want to compile a list of CASH COW Niches coresponding to their respective CPM and RPM. ( Most based on Teir 1 Countries ) I have added the ones that I know please keep adding the niches that you know...

    Making/Editing product videos for FREE

    Hey Guys, I have been on this forum for a long time. Have seen many people do incredible things here. Now it's my time to giveback what I am good at. For past couple of years I have been editing videos for youtube and various other stuff. Now I am free these days. So just thought that I can...

    [JV] Your Methods + My Resources = Magic Recipe

    Hey Marketers! After all these that I spend online, I couldn't make much profit by myself. Just a few 100$ here and there. So I got annoyed and got a formal job at a telecom startup. Now I lead the web developers and own various servers, VPN networks. So basically I can get anything started...

    How to cashout 10BTC in India

    I have a friend who has mastery in network engineering and blackhat activities. Back in 2013 when BTC wasn't that valuable people used to gift him huge amounts of Bitcoins as a tradeoff for the work that he used to do for them. All these activities we done on his old pc. After few years his...

    Ways to make money using NSFW content?

    I have saved a lot of NSFW content of different girls, pics and small videos of them flashing. What do you'll think will be the most effective way to cash on these content... I think the following can work but I need more ideas: RePost it on Porn sites Make only fans account Make a site and...

    Pursuing Bachelor's Degree in Advertising but need working opportunities

    Hello Marketers, Currently I am a second year student pursuing bachelor's degree in advertising from a very reputed college in India. But due to lockdown everything has become difficult. So during this time I worked to improve my skills with digital advertising courses such as Facebook...

    Best Niche Research Methodology in 2020?

    Hello Marketers, Hope so you are doing well even in the harsh global times. We are halfway through 2020 and as someone who has been on this site for 2 years now, I feel that it's high time that I need to take action. So recently I read few threads over here and I am detemined to start my blog...

    Is Blogger worth it in 2020

    Today I started a blog on Mass Communication Studies. Its this course that I am studying for Under Grad, I am planning to share all my study material over here. I don't want to dedicate much time for this, but I want this to be monetized in future. So is blogger the best platform for this? I...

    Are You Currently Making Money Online or Still Learning?

    Hey BHW Fam, As Internet Marketing is a rapidly changing games, where each new method is used quickly by one and later is not useful (unless you make some smart changes). I want to know are you currently earning out of any method or source? If yes, just a 1 line...

    Exposing Insta-Gurus / IM-Scammers / Dropshipping Gurus

    @ballerbusters is a instagram account exposing many of the online self proclaimed fake Gurus. He got featured in The New York Times today... Very helpful for rookies to avoid getting into such spams. Not advertising them but helping my fellow BHW fam to stay away from scams... Experienced...

    Are You a Digital Nomad? Is it a thing ?

    Digital Nomad is a person who is can work from any place or country, by doing his work online. There is a group of people who call themselves as digital nomads and post fancy photos of exotic locations on Insta... so what do u feel about them? If you are one of them? Can U explain what r u...