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    What is Lucid dreaming and why you should do it

    Around late 2014 through early 2015 I stumble into a very interesting topic: "Lucid dreaming" thanks to a friend of mine who had been trying to perform it with no success. We began to talk about lucid dreaming and I instantly became in love with it, it gives you the ability to "live" your...
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    Just made me some pasta :p

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    The reasons why BHW is better than any other forum

    Note* This is my opinion only, you might be against it or in favor. Hello, as the title says, yes, this is the best forum out there. I've been in a lot of forums and after a while I became in love with this one. I'll be comparing some forums that I've been in. Forums: BHW, TBN, HFN I chose...
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    Account Upgrade question

    So to celebrate my 50 posts on the forum I want to upgrade my account to show my support to it. The question is, what's the difference between each one? (Jr VIP, Premium Member and the BHW marketplace seller)
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    Free Lynda premium accounts

    Hello lads, Yesterday I posted a method on how to make free Lynda accounts on iOS, but since not many people have an iOS device I'll make you guys some Lynda accounts :) What I will need: -A not registered on LinkedIn email -Any password you'll like Before I give you one there's a few...
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    Free Lynda annual premium account method

    Note* I just found this, if this doesn't work for you please leave a comment below so I can help you. What you will need: -iOS Jailbroken Device (If you're not an iOS user, pm me and I'll make you a free one ( I should be able to register into LinkedIn )) -Tweak called: LocalIAPStore (after...
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    Guys I just found a sick method

    I found how to get a free 1ynd4 dot c0m annual membership for iOS users with a jailbroken device, where can I post the method?
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    Hey so...

    Many of you guys might have already seen me post on diferent parts of the forum but I never introduced myself. So yeah, hey guys how is it going? Here are some facts about me: My real name is not Kei, Im not asian I actually love Tennis, my favorite players are Roger Federer and Kei...
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    Any tips on freelancing? Coding freelancing any good?

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about freelancing, i have some skill in coding as i'm a self taught coder and i wanted to know if it's any good.
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    Any tips for website monetizing?

    So i've been thinking about buying my own domain, but i don't know how i'd be able to succeed. A couple of friends have told me about some vps and residential ip stuff, i really don't know what that means, i just found this forum and it seemed like a good place to ask so i gave it a go. Looking...