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  1. MagicInternetMoney

    Looking for Gaming related backlinks & sticky trustpilot reviews

    Hi looking for gaming related backlinks for a e-commerce site that sells video games. Also looking for Trustpilot reviews.
  2. MagicInternetMoney

    How to best utilize e-mail list with 1+ million German subscribers?

    Dear BHW, I recently acquired this e-mail list through mutual acquaintances, however I am very inexperienced in e-mail marketing. I do speak pretty good German although it is not my first language. The list only contains e-mails so how would you best utilize this list? Just sign up for a...
  3. MagicInternetMoney

    [METHOD] DA 78 Free Do-Follow Backlink

    Okay so since there are so many great people and shares here I thought it was my time to contribute. The do-follow link is from the website: https://gust(dot)com/ and is DA78 according to Ahrefs. How to get it: 1. Go to Gust and sign up as a Startup 2. Fill out all the information regarding...
  4. MagicInternetMoney

    301 Redirect from sites like, Entreprenur - Worth it?

    As title says - does the 301 redirect from these high authority sites actually pass on any value or is it not working anymore?
  5. MagicInternetMoney

    What is your Internal to External Link Ratio?

    Dear BHW, It is rarely discussed but what is your Internal to External link ratio? For most of my sites i follow the following structure: 60 % Internal Links 20 % External Links to authoritative domains eg. within Finance (Forbes, NerdWallet etc.) 20 % External Links to educational or...
  6. MagicInternetMoney

    How important are local backlinks? eg. getting backlinks from .nl for a Netherland site.

    Hi how important is it that you have links from a local domestic domains when building your backlink profile? If it is important is there a general rule of thumb of % of domestic domains linking to your site compared to "foreign" domains eg. .com, .org etc. Thanks in advance guys!
  7. MagicInternetMoney

    Buying Danish .dk Backlinks

    Dear BHW, I would like to increase the ranking of some of my danish domains, but I need to improve the link profile with some local .dk domains and therefore only look for sellers able to offer links from Danish domains. Niches are: - Finance - Loans - Stocks Let me know if any of you are...
  8. MagicInternetMoney

    Good Expired Domain DA+25 (No illicit activity) - Negative SEO impact of previous bad business?

    So I have stumbled upon a list of extremely good domains (DA 25-70) and the websites themselves have no issues. The Business however was conducting bad business, but does this affect the juice of the website? They had no security issues or spammy content. The business was just bad and did some...
  9. MagicInternetMoney

    Best Link Cloaking / Affiliate Redirect WP Plugin?

    Hey BHW, Time to step up the game and improve on the smaller things on my websites. What are your favorite WP Plugin for 301 redirecting and tracking affiliate links? I have been using Easy affiliate links for multiple sites and it does the job, but maybe there are better alternatives? What...
  10. MagicInternetMoney

    What tool do you find the most valuable for your blog? [BLOGGING]

    If you had to select a tool that is creating the most value $ wise for your blogs what would it be? For me it is SEMrush - Keyword research is so valuable for finding great ideas with low competition.
  11. MagicInternetMoney

    How do you track you affiliate programs?

    Hi BHW, I know there are many ways and methods to track the performance of specific affiliate programs and pages on your site. I have been trying BeMob and other softwares, but ultimately landed on Google Tag Manager, because of the easy integration with Google Analytics. What is your...
  12. MagicInternetMoney

    [WTB] Custom made Affiliate Site - Copy of main competitor

    Hi, I would like to create a website template that could be used for multiple affiliate website looking exactly like a competitor (PM for link) Requirements to the website: - Need to be responsive for mobile devices and highly usable. - Must have the same look and feel as above mentioned...
  13. MagicInternetMoney

    Affiliate Marketer - Hi BHW :)

    I have been a lurker of BHW for a long time and finally decided to join. I have multiple Affiliate sites and have done some eCommerce. The plan with BHW is to progress my business further eventually becoming JR. VIP and start making some MONEY. Love the community and I am super stoked being...