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  1. Dmyles

    High Quality Backlinks needed

    Hi, I have high-quality sites regarding your niche. Please contact me for more details. Skype - dmyles33
  2. Dmyles

    Need SEO for my new website

    Hi there, Please share your site URL first so I can audit your site then we can discuss everything in detail. Contact me - Skype : dmyles33
  3. Dmyles

    [Error 502] Looking for someone who can fix it ASAP!

    Contact your hosing provider.
  4. Dmyles

    Niche edit VS Guest Post

    We call it niche edit or Link insertion, which means placing your website link or back-link on an anchor text in an existing content while Guest post means you will have to create content.
  5. Dmyles

    Does Upwork have instant pay ?

    There is no instant payment in Upwork. You should wait five days security period to withdraw your money.
  6. Dmyles

    Guest posts on finance new and finance related sites

    Sent you some sites based on your requirement. Please check PM.
  7. Dmyles

    How to boost traffic for website via SEO?

    Back links matter.
  8. Dmyles

    Best internal link plugin?

    You can still use the link whisper free version. The difference is you've to do internal linking manually from a related article.
  9. Dmyles

    Free Guest Post on my DA 24 OLD Blog.

    I want. PM the URL
  10. Dmyles

    How to increase Website DA (domain authority)?

    Do you know how do they do that?
  11. Dmyles

    GOOGLE ADSENSE - We’ve found some policy violations on your site

    Google AdSense says "We’ve found some policy violations on your site which means your site isn’t ready to show ads yet. Make sure your site follows the AdSense Program Policies". I am struggling to figure out exact problem. I have fixed duplicate content issue, no thin content and published more...
  12. Dmyles

    Domain Authority or Domain Rating?

    You can focus on both if you get backlinks from strong metrics sites.
  13. Dmyles

    Any Newbie who are trying to learn SEO?

    Stay motivated. Long way to go.
  14. Dmyles

    [Grammarly] Don't have automatic grammar correction?

    I'd not recommend that. Doing it manually assures more accuracy.
  15. Dmyles

    WP Plugin for social media buttons

    Try Monarch plugin. You can ask for help @Festinger
  16. Dmyles

    [help] Is Wordpress theme affect SEO

    Ofcourse yes. Even though you have published a very good content, who's gonna wait if it takes much time to load.
  17. Dmyles

    SEO writing - How to prove it?

    Your client is talking about On Page SEO. If you need to bring more readers for your content,then this is the best way to do it.
  18. Dmyles

    increasing da,pa surely increases visits?

    Merely a original content and back-link does't bring visitors. You have to provide a path for visitors to reach your content and that's where On page SEO matters. So make sure your content is optimized before you hit publish button.