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  1. Gebb

    Multiaccount on Android Smartphone?

    On Desktop you can do multiaccount using stuff like Dolphin anty or Incogniton + Proxy, but on smartphone which methods you can use (as I read that smartphone usage is usually better than desktop for Instagram) Also, is there an equivalent of clearing cache/cookies (done on a desktop...
  2. Gebb

    Where to find data for blog posts?

    Beyond searching in the brand's sites for some stats, are there "statistical sites" and data sources like Statista's website? Their subscription Is only available buying a while year of subscription, are there other options with monthly options as well?
  3. Gebb

    Is Insta bulk Dms >> landing page >> cpa offer still considered chat traffic?

    A lot of CPA offers and networks don't accept chat traffic, but is it considered chat traffic only if you drop the direct affiliate link in a chat (in my case in the Instagram DMs) or is considered chat traffic also if you direct people to a page of my website that I use as a landing page and...
  4. Gebb

    monetisation methods for chat

    I was thinking about making a bot for bulk dms for telegram and maybe also Instagram but in fact I don't know how to monetize bulk dms and chat messages as lots of affiliate networks and also smartlinks networks don't accept chat traffic. How can I monetize this type of traffic? Do content...
  5. Gebb

    Are Reddit's profile posts indexable?

    When you search for something you can find Reddit posts in the SERPs, but I've seen only posts from subreddits in the search results, so I don't know if this is because only those are indexable while reddit profile posts (the ones that you can only see checking the profile of an user) are...
  6. Gebb

    Best place for affiliate links into a subreddit

    I'm growing some subreddits on my own and already found some relevant affiliate offert that could eventually fit in those, but I'm unsure about how/where to place them (I don't use the affiliate links directly but I do a Redirect 301 with a domain that I've bought just for that purpose). I've...
  7. Gebb

    Where to find tools for a wordpress website?

    I was thinking about adding a tool on a wordpress website, are there places where I can find tools (like a word counter, or other simple tools) to embed on a website beyond Codecanyon?
  8. Gebb

    4 distraction-free writing tools

    Just wanted to share some free tools to use during writing sessions in order to be more focused and less distracted (some have a premium version, but I've only tried the free one and they works just fine) . 1 - FOCUSWRITER (windows, Mac, Linux) I'm currently using this, and it has a simple...
  9. Gebb

    how much content I have to add when I update articles?

    is it enough just changing the date of last update of the blog post or is it better to add more words in order to keep the "freshness" of the article and all related benefits for SEO?
  10. Gebb

    linking a page with itself can still buffer that page just like "normal" internal linking?

    I don't actually expect better rankings or other particular effects, I was just curious about internal linking and whether a page that links to itself with a relevant keyword can still buffer the page just like with normal internal linking (I thought about a sort of "breadcrumb" line at the very...
  11. Gebb

    Landing page services (Clickfunnel and similar): worth spending time with them with SEO?

    Do you think that using a "pre-made" service for making landing pages (like Clickfunnels) is worth the time, both for realisation and optimisation of the funnel and for SEO promotion, or it's always better to use your own site and build it by yourself? I mainly want to use these services for...
  12. Gebb

    Suggestions about some resources for a better content writing?

    Do you have some books/courses/resources that have changed your view on content writing and improved your writing skills? I want (and probably I also need) to find a way to check whether my writed content is good or not, and also improve in that, so I just want to ask if you have some...
  13. Gebb

    Is this a good process for web 2.0 properties?

    I've been reading some web 2.0 guides and several threads and I've tried to resume them with the following process: 1. sign up on the web 2.0 platform and verify them, using a different browser and/or proxies when I build several properties in the same platfom (for example 5 properties...
  14. Gebb

    Please don't be suspect

    Link of the article:
  15. Gebb

    Does link building speed have sense for ranking parasites?

    Never worked on a parasite before and still reading stuff about them, but i've posted an article with affiliate links just for trying and I was wondering whether backlinks can be done in an "all-in" mode, blasting the page without waiting times and without caring about being cautious with them...
  16. Gebb

    A list of Subreddit for small jobs/gigs and/or promotion

    Maybe you can find something useful for some small money making: I've checked a bit of subreddit and noted the member's count, just for some background and for knowing if it's worth trying inside them, but I did this like 2 weeks ago and forgot to post this, so maybe the member's count may have...
  17. Gebb

    I've finally understood what Google's EAT means

    I wonder if it's also an "All you can EAT".
  18. Gebb

    New indexation protocol from Bing and Yandex

    Bing and Yandex are getting started with a new protocol for indexations calle IndexNow, that let you submit URLs to index from a standard url for every search engine ( and yandex/indexnow). You can submit up to 10000 URLs for every request of indexing and just need to prove...
  19. Gebb

    Tools for editing image's metadata and add geo-location

    Do you know any free online tool for editing the EXIF data of an image and adding geo datas?
  20. Gebb

    Do I need an university degree for working in SEO and web design?

    Just curious about that, because despite my answer being "no" all my family say that "without an university degree you can't do literally nothing" (yes, said also by the ones wthout an university degree, kinda ironic but oh well) and that the fact that I already worked 4 months with SEO...