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  1. castoro

    How to FULLY edit the category pages for a good SILO structure

    Hi guys I would like to create a website in which every post is about a certain aspect of a city. for the structure of the site I imagine it like a classic silo: Homepage Categories Subcategories (or maybe tags) Posts The link structure should then be:
  2. castoro

    How to a numbered marker to each heading like this site is doing?

    Check out this site for each H2 there is a symbol with the number inside it: Do you know how to do that? I've scanned the site with wpdetector and did not find any plugin. Also do you this there is way to achieve that result by using the REST API to post an article?
  3. castoro

    Can I register "" and get away with it?

    Alright, clickbait title, sorry guys :D My question is about trademark and general risks related to registering domain names with "common words": For example, Can I create a french website with a very general domain name (niche + "common word") like,,
  4. castoro

    Is it Really That Easy to Get Suspended on Google Ads?

    I'm trying to learn a little bit about PPC (still haven't even started), but I see that most of the threads in this forum talk about accounts getting banned or domains getting banned from google ads. Why is this so frequent? I find it hard to believe that a lot of people (that also seem...
  5. castoro

    Is Brand Bidding Officially Dead in 2022?

    I'm new to PPC, never even made a single campaign, BUT since I wanted to try it, I was reading in this forum some of the old threads, and brand bidding was seen as the go-to strategy to lower CPC and get a better ROI. Now I see that every affiliate program out there prohibits the usage of...
  6. castoro

    [GAME SHOW] Who on BHW is the best Clickbaiter? Let's find out!

    Today I was thinking of a clickbait title for an article to post on my pet site. I couldn't think of anything fancy, so I thought, why not ask for help on BHW, it might be fun! So here are the rules: Topic: dogs maximum 2 titles per user no adult or similar stuff Soooooo ... Who on BHW is...
  7. castoro

    Adsense AD inside a custom Block to be inserted in posts

    Hello. I already have Adsense auto ads active on one of my websites. On top of that I would also like to insert a custom block in every post, for example made out of 2 columns in which the first one can be whatever i want (like some buttons to click), and the second one would be a random Ad...
  8. castoro

    Best way to organize Author page, About Us page and overall Schema to increase E-A-T

    I want to organize my site in the best way possibile, mostly in order to increase E-A-T. I have a blog where I am the only author. CURRENT SITUATION As for now I have my credentials on the about us page. My author page is the default wordpress author page, with my name and the blog post that...
  9. castoro

    Forum with do follow links in signature: should I go wild?

    I've found a niche related forum that allows do follow links in signature. Should I comment as much as possible to get as many backlinks as possible, or since they would all be from the same domain, it's not necessary to comment a lot?
  10. castoro

    Are Backlinks from relevant sites with low authority worth it?

    I have an outreach strategy that is working relatively well (i ask for backlinks to business websites in exchange for talking good about their business). I do it manually by visiting the websites and using the contact forms or emails. It is pretty time consuming so I was wondering if it was...
  11. castoro

    Wordpress scheduled posts do not show up in RSS feed.

    Does anybody know why scheduled posts do not show up in RSS feed? and how to fix it?
  12. castoro

    Recipe schema: worth it or not?

    hello, I've never messed with schemas so I wanted to ask first, even if it seems obvious: I have a NON English recipe site. I have about 60 recipes and it gets about 60 clicks/day. I use rank math so I have by default a "article" schema on every recipe. Is it worth it to change all the...
  13. castoro

    Screpe/download data from this site

    hello. I would like to extract in an excel sheet the values contained in this URL (about 51k results). Can anybody do it? If 51k results are too much I can filter down this value. NOTE I'm not VIP so I cannot comment in this thread.
  14. castoro

    OVERWHELMED: need to chose a domain name for my next big project

    I want to start a new site for a long term project. I have a lot of ideas on how to develop it but I'm not sure which domain name to choose. I have several factors that I am trying to give importance to: new or expired domain (I mean deleted domain, I do not have experience with buying...
  15. castoro

    Is it possible to create custom calculators both for website and for Android app?

    I have never programmed anything but I would like to understand which is the best programming language to create customized calculators like this: The goal would be to create a series of calculators like this (some can be pretty complex), divided into various categories and have them both on...
  16. castoro

    CPA grip landing page blocked by antivirus (even if hosted on my domain)

    Well the title says it all... I'm new to CPA . I want to use a content locker from CPAgrip for a download of a free book on my website, but I see that the link gets blocked by my antivirus. I thought this would not happen if hosted on my website (the link is not on a spammy CPAgrip domain but on...
  17. castoro

    Someone wants to register a domain exactly like mine a part from LTD

    I'm in the exact opposite situation of what I thought I would ever find myself, and I do not know what to do... I've received this message from a registar and they say so: I answered this: their second answer: So what should I do in this situation? I do not know if this could damage my site...
  18. castoro

    Baby step cold emails

    hello. I would like to understand one thing. For an idea I would like to try to create a list of about 300 restaurant mails (I think I pay someone on fiverr or similar). Reading on this forum about cold emails there is always warm up, proxies etc, but my idea is to send about 15 emails per day...
  19. castoro

    Create a page that show different content based on user selection

    I want to create a page on my site that does something like that: Prompt: select your region User: selects his region Prompt: select your city User: selects his city Prompt: custom content created by me for every city (article or Gmaps or anything) Ideally this should happen in the same page...
  20. castoro

    Show specific link or AD based on location of visitor

    let's say I have a hairdresser website. I want to put a spot on the sidebar (could be a button, a link, an image, and AD) that says: THE BEST HAIRDRESSER NEAR YOU and if you click it, it redirects to a specific page of my site or directly to the hairdresser site. I would then intend to sell...