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  1. davidelzs

    How to recover from October 2022 Google Spam Update Hit?

    Dear All, Can you please help how to recover from the recent google update hit? Shall we continue post content on the site or close it and start a new one? Or just keep waiting to recover when the next update rolls out? Please share your thoughts. Thank you.
  2. davidelzs

    October 2022 spam update - Share your Results

    Dear Bloggers, Google just released October 2022 spam update Please share your results up and down.
  3. davidelzs

    Is it safe using our moneysites directly in Omegaindexer?

    Hi, Can we use our moneysites directly in omegaindexer? Is it safe?
  4. davidelzs

    Any bloggers see traffic down in past 5 days?

    Dear Bloggers, Do you see a drop in traffic for the past 5 days? I see 40% down in my site.
  5. davidelzs

    Ezoic Users Please Help

    Hi, Did any ezoic users see epmv dropped yesterday and today?
  6. davidelzs

    Need Help on Website Analysis

    Dear BHW members, I found two blog websites. They just scraped the google search results and used them as blog content. Ranked well. Decent traffic. Ad approved as well. Is this ethical? Blog links:
  7. davidelzs

    Indexed pages in Google - Need Help

    Dear All, When I hit in google it says About 1,250 results (0.19 seconds) But in reality, I see only 6 pages (57 results ). is this normal? Please help Note: It is a new blog website with domain age of 85 days.
  8. davidelzs

    Bing DeIndex?

    Hi, Has any of your websites been deindexed by bing recently?
  9. davidelzs

    Guest post on zero traffic website - Need Suggestions

    Dear Members, Can I publish guest post on a zero traffic niche website blog? But DA is 60+ and other SEO metrics are also good. They are asking $25. Is that worth the price? Or what is the recommended price? Please help.