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  1. whois1games

    Multi step form in WordPress

    Any easiest way to create a multi-step form like this ( bullmarketz(.)com)? I think this is the nicest way to attract visitors so I wanted to try it out but can't find the same plugin that the site is using. so seeking help. Thanks
  2. whois1games

    Does Reddit Block Forex Word while Creating Community?

    When I want to create a community in Reddit. It is blocking my community directly which has Forex words. Is it against the Reddit policy?
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    Do you trust AI Content Generator?

    Basically, we see lots of AI content generators in the market like conversion .io, copy. io, etc. Do you really trust these sites. I have seen some of the threads here where it is working perfectly for them. My Questions are 1. Will Google find whether it is AI-generated content or not in...
  4. whois1games

    What is the cheapest way to boost your website in Facebook?

    I am actually thinking to boost my several posts to generate traffic targeting some countries. I am going to use Traffic Objective. Is using Facebook Pixel only a way to get good results? Any way to get the results at the cheapest cost? Thanks
  5. whois1games

    Skrill to Payoneer Transfer?

    Hi Guys, Do you have any experience sending money from Skrill to Payoneer account? Thanks
  6. whois1games

    Which plugin do you use for pop up & embedding within the post?

    I am currently using WP Subscribe Pro in WordPress. Any plugin better than this in terms of performance? Any recommendations?
  7. whois1games

    Chainlink or VeChain?

    I wanted to spend a small amount on Crypto. Which one would you choose?
  8. whois1games

    FAQ > Missing field "mainEntity"

    Did anybody get an error for FAQ > Missing field "mainEntity" after the Yoast plugin update? The plugin update is getting shitty day after day.
  9. whois1games

    Alidropship hosting to Namecheap hosting

    One of my clients wants to transfer his hosting from alidropship hosting to NameCheap stellar hosting. Is it good enough then the former one? Suggestion Please
  10. whois1games

    Anyway to copy the hidden link by Inspecting?

    Hi, When I try to copy a link from a site by inspecting it's saying javascript:void(0);. Is there any way to find that hidden link? Thanks
  11. whois1games

    Any hype for Rank Math Pro SEO Plugin?

    Currently, they are launching Rank Math Pro. Do you think it's worth buying? I am currently using Yoast Free Version
  12. whois1games

    Amazon SES not approving Sending Limits

    I am using Sendy as Email Marketing Self hosting software and mailed Amazon requesting sending increase limits but they are not approving it. They are asking me how do I manage bounces, complaints, and unsubscribe requests. This is so frustrating.
  13. whois1games

    How to Create Download Page in WordPress?

    I offer some downloads after each article in WordPress. I am using AdSense and I see some of the websites redirect their download page to a subdomain or any other URLs so that can show other ads on that page too. so, what is the best way to create a download page in WordPress? Do I need to use...
  14. whois1games

    Is it good to insert Matched Content Ads?

    Currently, I have inserted Matched Content Ads as related posts but the revenue is not good so far. Is it good to have Matched Content Ads for other things? What's your thought?
  15. whois1games

    APK Mod sites and AdSense

    I don't know why Google AdSense is allowing ads on APK modded sites. Isn't it illegal to host modded apk?
  16. whois1games

    How do you find Group Buy SEO Tools?

    Are Group Buy SEO sites worth trusting? Do you have any recommendations from where we can Group Buy SEO Tools?
  17. whois1games

    How to make dynamic URL in Download Button in WordPress?

    Let's say I am using a WordPress site and I offer some downloads. Usually, I upload files in Media Library and directly copied the URL and paste it into the download button. But some of them are directly using my files URL on their website i.e. Hotlinking So, how can I make my URL Dynamic? When...
  18. whois1games

    How to start MQL4 Programming?

    I am not a programming guy but I have an interest in it. Can I build Forex Indicators using Mql4 Programming? Do people buy Indicators If I manage to build it? How much do people charge to build good Forex Indicators? Any course suggestions? Thanks
  19. whois1games

    Best US based Forex broker for Affiliate?

    I wanted to apply for affiliate program that is based on US. I want to monetize my website through affiliate program. I am currently using brokers that accept clients from different countries but not from US. I have applied to FOREX .com but still couldn't get reply. Thanks
  20. whois1games

    New Yoast Update Adds Schema Functionality

    Pretty much competition with Rank Math, Yoast adds Schema functionality. (Free Yoast Plugin)