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  1. Zwielicht

    Thread not posting(part 2)

    There's an FAQ thread explaining the process here in the forum suggestions and feedback section: To put it another way, threads in this section are provided with an answer and then closed. If support is what...
  2. Zwielicht

    Change Log: behind the scenes at BHW

    New rule under Chapter 1, Section, Rule 3, Point 3 of the marketplace rules. "Free" cannot be included in your sales threads if it's conditional. For example, if you're including a "Free" e-book with any purchase, it's not free. Use "bonus" instead...
  3. Zwielicht

    Misguided website label but real product (BST)

    Question Answered, Thread Closed
  4. Zwielicht

    Reported page

    Interesting idea. I'll bring it up in one of the next meetings. Question Answered, Thread Closed
  5. Zwielicht

    What do you ride?

  6. Zwielicht

    Where can I advertise my Affiliate Program?

    Thread Moved You can post a sale thread about your affiliate program in the affiliate program section of our marketplace here: You can also purchase an advertising banner on the site here...
  7. Zwielicht

    Proxies By Country

    @proxygo, please use the report button so that one of our moderators can review the issue. I'm an administrator and I can't always set time aside for general moderation. @Nsocks, if you think @proxygo is doing something he shouldn't, please submit a support ticket using
  8. Zwielicht

    My thread is not showing in threads

    If you're interested in starting a Marketplace thread on the forum, you should visit the Marketplace Rules. It goes over everything you need to know regarding the procedure and what you need to do Marketplace thread listings cost $30 per thread. Before you can start a thread, however, you need...
  9. Zwielicht

    BHW scam Reveal

    I think it's fair to close the thread now. Thread Closed
  10. Zwielicht

    BHW scam Reveal

    I really do understand being frustrated by spam in your sales thread. Those spam comments wasted the time of a lot of sellers who tried sending them discount, coupons, and follow-up messages. Honestly, we should've acted faster on it, and I am sorry if those spam accounts wasted any of your time...
  11. Zwielicht

    BHW scam Reveal

    I want to know, how do you feel the structure of this platform tricks new users? As far as I'm concerned, we don't have any manipulative structures in place, although I do want to know what you're referring to. I wouldn't say that considering this thread is 3 pages long after being up for only...
  12. Zwielicht

    Can you use fiverr as payment method on BSTs?

    This is correct and has been answered by @Diamond Damien in the past. I realise this isn't actually stated in the marketplace rules, so I added it under chapter 1, section 1, rule 1 as the new point #2. "You cannot use other forums or competing marketplaces (e.g., Fiverr) as your payment...
  13. Zwielicht

    AI bots in BHW?

    We got one of these the other day that was arguing with us over support saying their posts were an "accident" before lecturing us with proverbs. I can see in the example replies you posted that they don't even make sense in regards to the opening content. Because of this, it falls under rule...
  14. Zwielicht

    Allow OP to Reply on WTB Posts Without Account Upgrade

    Currently, Want to buy and Hire A Freelancer engagement is a benefit of paid membership. We let you post for free to see if there is any interest from the community. We make the terms under which you post very clear here...
  15. Zwielicht

    Can BHW implement Feature Online

    There's an icon displayed on a user's avatar when they're online. It's a little green icon. This icon is displayed up to an hour from their last action on the forum (i.e., viewing threads, viewing a page, etc). If you're unsure whether or not they're still really active, go to their profile...
  16. Zwielicht

    The Bots Have Found a New Way

    Thread Moved Yeah, it looks like the same spam network. We'll take care of it. Thank you to everyone who has reported the accounts so far. Just a quick tip: don't directly state how you're finding these accounts. After all, we don't want to teach them how to cover their tracks. Update: The...
  17. Zwielicht

    Can I edit my About Information?

    Question answered by @MisterF. Question Answered, Thread Closed
  18. Zwielicht

    Sig line by # of characters

    The forum will throw up an error is your signature is "1 line too long" or if it there are too many characters. The character limit is 763. It may have gone based on character count in your case, as I know with smaller screens, it can look like 8 lines and the forum will still register it as 3...
  19. Zwielicht

    REQ: Delete my account

    It's not about the legality of it, the forum just has a blanket ban on hacking requests and discussions (rule 3.1). I know you're saying you own the server, but none of us are permitted to grant any exceptions. The moderator who issued you an infraction was enforcing the forum rules as we've all...
  20. Zwielicht

    Notifications won't arrive again.

    @Razentyler answered the question. It's just the way Xenforo sends the alerts, so just keep checking the last page of the thread if you want to continue getting alerts for it. Question Answered, Thread Closed