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  1. NicolaeP

    Happy Birthday Romania

    1 December, Union day. Happy Birthday Romania!
  2. NicolaeP

    [Journey] To my dream

    What is my dream? I like nature and since I was little I wanted to live in the middle of it but life took me away from it. What I want to achieve is to create a corner of heaven in nature. For this I will need about 2000 square meters and of course a cabin. According to my calculations, I will...
  3. NicolaeP

    What Google want

  4. NicolaeP

    CMC data breach?

    CoinMarketCap: During October 2021, 3.1 million email addresses with accounts on the cryptocurrency market capitalisation website CoinMarketCap were discovered being traded on hacking forums. Whilst the email addresses were found to correlate with CoinMarketCap accounts, it's unclear precisely...
  5. NicolaeP

    Questions about approved site in google news

    How valuable is a link in an article on a site approved in google news? And what would be the value of such a site?
  6. NicolaeP

    Reddit backlinks questions

    Are the sidebar links on a subreddit do-follow? I've heard of links posted on the page about, but where exactly should they be posted? The page about the subreddit or the account? are they also do-follow? And in how long are they indexed? Is it indexed automatically or is something else needed...
  7. NicolaeP

    Quora, Tripadvisor down? Even

    What other sites are down now
  8. NicolaeP

    Floki Token

    It's time to create floki token o_O
  9. NicolaeP

    BTC price prediction

    Which will be the lowest price for BTC today? My bet is 25.500-26.100
  10. NicolaeP

    Go go go BTC

  11. NicolaeP

    Crypto invest vs crypto website vs fishing

    I open this thread to motivate myself, because I lose my motivation very often and very quickly. So what will it be about? 1. Investing in crypto. A month and a half ago I started investing in crypto. Very little, just what I can afford to lose, exactly 147$. I will continue to invest 20-30$ a...
  12. NicolaeP

    Stock Tokens on Binance

    "Equities are stocks that trade on traditional exchanges, for example NYSE or NASDAQ. The tokens are pegged to the performance of the respective underlying. If the price of the underlying rises, the price of the stock token is expected to rise accordingly. If the price of the underlying falls...
  13. NicolaeP

    Why BHW is a gem

    The answer is simple. In the last month I started buying crypto following the topics on BHW. These are my results: Siacoin: I bought at 0.013146 now it is 0.027463 Harmony: I bought at 0.03 now it's 0.15 Bittorent: I bought at 0.0010 now it's 0.0073 And that's not all. If you follow...
  14. NicolaeP

    BTC at 59k+ now

    New ATH right now. Next 60k in minute?
  15. NicolaeP

    Binance down?

    My balance is 0 now. Is binance down or hacked?
  16. NicolaeP

    Happy Birthday Romania

    1 December is Romania's national day, so I wish a Happy National Day to all Romanians from all over the world.
  17. NicolaeP

    Facebook sues 2 new SMM panel

    Facebook sued boostgram and instant-fans And if we look in the BHW marketplace we find at least one of them here. Could it be the end of the SMM panel?
  18. NicolaeP

    [JV] Your Quora Partener Account and my work

    Hello If you have quora partner account aproved and want to JV with someone, i can provider 300+ questions per month.
  19. NicolaeP

    [Giveaway] IG manually growth

    Many times I accessed this section of the forum just to get something. Now it's time to give back. I thought a lot about what I could offer but I didn't find anything interesting. So I offer my time and knowledge. For a month I will take care of your instagram account at a basic level. Follow...
  20. NicolaeP

    Offline bussines under 5000$

    Next year I plan to start my first offline business. A mini brewery. The initial investment will be under 5,000$. And the profit somewhere at 600$ a month. What idea do you have for an offline bussines in which the initial investment is under 5000$?