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  1. wayne1977

    You need a Yacht? We Just Delivered Yacht number 20 to a famous Youtuber

    If you can afford such a beauty would you buy it for $1.5 Million Checkout this masterpiece.
  2. wayne1977

    Any advice needed

    I started a new amazon affilaite website a few days back but got some major issues with this website. The last 3 websites I've done was made exactly as the new one. Same theme, same plugins, same structure just different content. The problem with this new website is whenever I try to post...
  3. wayne1977

    After all these years Flippa is still a good place to sell your website

    Flippa might not be the best option for most people but it's still a good option especially when you build websites to sell as fast as possible (maybe within a year). Most of my websites were on average one year old when I decided to sell it. What I found consistant over the years is that your...
  4. wayne1977

    A nice start to the new month

    This person or company just ordered 14 exact same products through of my websites. It's a nice surprise especially so early in the new month. Commisions from this products is $45.
  5. wayne1977

    5 Years 5 Website Sold (Flippa)

    This week marks my fifth website sold over a 5 year period. Al thanks to BHW members. My latest webste sold for $1500 (Flippa) with only 5 bids and within 3 days of auction the site reached it's reserve price of $1500. Site age: 1 Year Post count: 155 posts Page Count: 33 Pages Average monthly...
  6. wayne1977

    Need some urgent help

    Due to the coronavirus I am in some financial difficulties and unable to pay for hosting for 3 websites which will expire within 24 hours. To make matters worse my bank accounts is in the red so you can understand that I am unable to pay hosting. I do have some cash in a seperate account (my...
  7. wayne1977

    Can someone explain these advertising fees - Amazon

    Some advertising fees is higher than normal ever after the recent reduced advertising fees from Amazon. The 8% should be 3 percent but I am getting 8.1%, 5.1% and even 5.6% Can anybody shed some light and are you also noticing strange advertising fees from
  8. wayne1977

    Received My First 3% Commission LoL

    Previously this commission should have been $12.96. A full $8 deduction is bad.
  9. wayne1977

    Easy Way to Generate Thousands of Long Tail Keywords

    You can generate thousands of long tail keyword for free. Just put your seed keyword in and it will generate thosands of long tail keywords for free. This is not my website. I've been using it for couple of years. Hope you find this helpful.
  10. wayne1977

    [Freebie] 10 x 500 Word Articles for 10 Members

    As the title states, I am offering a 500 word article, plagarism free for 10 members of this forum. This offer will only be available for members which falls in the following category: 1. Must have 200 and more posts 2. Should not have a sales thread 3. Must be a member for more than 6 months...
  11. wayne1977

    Created a link at

    Let's see if the second link sticks. My first attempt was a week ago were I've used exact keyword phrase linking to a post with many amazon links. The link was placed inside the body of the wikipedia post, but was removed within minutes. My second attempt were 10 hours ago and the link is...
  12. wayne1977

    Thank you BHW for this amazing forum

    My journey after discovering this amazing forum. 2005 up till 2006 after spending around 1 year doing PPC and wasting all that time for pennies I went on a different route, building my first website. Lol I didn't know anything but I took the plunge and created what I call a step in the right...
  13. wayne1977

    How accurate is Neil Patel's Ubersuggest

    So I've been relying on different keyword research tools like ubersuggest and keyword everywhere and both indicates that a certain keyword gets around 18100 monthly searches. Now here is the confusing part. Website age is 3 months and that keyword is ranking at spot number 13 according to...
  14. wayne1977

    My Amazon Affiliate Journey (Ongoing) - Till $500 P/M

    Well, I just had to (once again) do a journey eventhough my previous one ended within a few short months ( was not a failure - ending up selling it for a nice price). The site - 9 - 10 months old (brand new domain) Niche - Home and outdoor Posts - 71 Word count per post - ranging from 1000 up...
  15. wayne1977

    Amazon cut fees again

    Amazon have changed the rates for Amazon Fashion Women's, Men's & Kids Private Label, Apparel, Amazon Cloud Cam Devices, Amazon Element Smart TV (with Fire TV), Amazon Fire TV Devices, Amazon Echo Devices, Ring Devices, Watches, Jewelry, Luggage, Shoes, and Handbags & Accessories to 4.00% used...
  16. wayne1977

    Seeking someone who can photoshop 2 images

    I am seeking someone that can photoshop 2 images and put it in a different background
  17. wayne1977

    Amazon Affilate Journey From $0 - $500/pm

    Hi all, hope you are doing great with your online and offline businesses. I've decided to create this journey to keep me motivated and accountable towards my future. Short Bio of what I did in the past and what I am currently up to: Been with BHW for about 3 years and learned many useful...
  18. wayne1977

    My 2018 Journey With Multiple Income Income Streams

    My plan for 2018 is to become financially independent. What needs to be done before November 2018 1- Pay off my wife’s loan 2 - Buy a good second hand car 3 - Take a real holiday (a full week with wife and kids at a luxury resort) With everything I’ve learned through the years online...
  19. wayne1977

    My fastest sale every on flippa

    Sold my website within 6 hours of listing it on flippa. 8 Month website made around $130 p/m and sold it for 18 times the value. I didn't even auctioned it off, (listed it for website cliassified) just sold it to the first buyer after listing it for $9. Transactions went smoothly just some high...
  20. wayne1977

    Good or Bad Idea? Affiliate Marketing Training

    Is this sort of business viable, training people how to do affiliate marketing from home? What I am thinking of is setup a few computers at home maybe 5 pc's and teach people on how to make money online especially affiliate maketing. THE BASIC CONCEPT WILL BE: Choose a domain name How to...