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  1. Fang Yu

    This is how much 1M Views on Facebook bring you

    Sharing for people who wanted to know. The video is 3 days old. Cheers.
  2. Fang Yu

    How I earn 80K by doing nothing

  3. Fang Yu

    Let's end the week-end with

    a smile :)
  4. Fang Yu

    Weird addiction

    Need help, I have domain buying syndrome. I buy expired domains only. I am the only one? Help
  5. Fang Yu

    The truth about facebook downtime

  6. Fang Yu

    Someone can explain this strategy?

    I am seeing a lot of this type of account : They're commenting a lot and all their comments are top comments (always) on popular videos. First I thought I...
  7. Fang Yu

    How do you price guest posting request

    Hi, I am getting guest post requests on one of my websites. I want to know how much I can ask and if it's ok to allow casino links? Thanks
  8. Fang Yu

    What will be your strategy to move a website from page 3 to page 1?

    One of my websites is stuck on page 3. The result on page 1 top 3 are : Esty as the first result and two low authority websites (10 domain authority and few backlinks). What will you do to move a website from page 3 to page 1?
  9. Fang Yu

    [WTH] Designer for a custom Instagram post template

    Hello, I am looking for a designer to create a custom post template for me. I will give you an example of what I want. PM Me with your price. Thanks.
  10. Fang Yu

    How to track people invited using a share button?

    I want to be able to Identify each person inviting via these share buttons ( registrants ) and be able to identify when one of the guests ( sponsored ) registers by identifying his sponsor.
  11. Fang Yu

    Why you don't have to feel useless

  12. Fang Yu

    How to improve 3 Months Website

    Hello, I assume the website is too new (niche: gaming) I want to know how I can improve it to reduce the bounce rate and increase ranking (main goal). my VA publishes 10 News per day (I get them directly from editors/publishers the VA re-write them correctly). Plan to add 3 Gaming guides/week...
  13. Fang Yu

    How much it could cost to create a true achievements like website?

    Hi, Just wanted to know how much it could cost to create a website like ( true achievement dot com)this but not for English speaking country. Thanks.
  14. Fang Yu

    Instagram Creator

    Hi, Instagram launch a new Creator account that gives more features to influencer (mostly). To have it you need at least 10K followers.
  15. Fang Yu

    Weird thing about my subscriber's mailing list

    Hello, A month ago I create a small blog where I review (1 post per week) product (books). I set up an ugly newsletter form just for the sake to have one. Since then I didn't notice it but I have up to 600 emails subscribers (now). First, I thought it's probably a bot or something... but I have...
  16. Fang Yu

    How to recover a hacked facebook group?

    Hi guys, My friends just told me her facebook group get hacked and archived. She reported the account but the hacker put many fake accounts as admin. Any idea on what to do in this case?
  17. Fang Yu

    I jump into it

    Hello everybody, i'm Myriam i decide to jump into this world and learn everything about seo, blogging and social media. I hope it's not too late to start and succeed. Nice day.