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  1. FriedrichWN

    What business can I start without PayPal ?

    I live in Turkey and we don't have PayPal here. I was planning on reselling online services (including SMM services, but not limited to) from Turkey to outside but I realized I pretty much can't take payments without PayPal. What are my options to make money online without PayPal?
  2. FriedrichWN

    Can my real IP be seen if I use a VPS ?

    I want to use a website which doesn't offer its services in my country. If I use a VPS that's located in a country where their services are available can they see my real location, because if they do they will %100 ban my account?
  3. FriedrichWN

    Does Adsense approve cryptocurrency blogs ?

    I have been in the crypto scene for 4 years. The biggest problem I faced when I was starting is there is too much info everywhere so I want to make a good, informative blog about the crypto scene. But I don't know if Adsense will approve my blog. I googled and found some old posts from when...
  4. FriedrichWN

    Looking for cheap and reliable Wordpress hosting

    I want to open a niche blog so I need cheap and reliable Wordpress hosting. Which hosting providers would you recommend ?
  5. FriedrichWN

    Selling PVA or automated SMS verification service ?

    I have the necessary system to sell SMS verification service. Should I sell the SMS verification service (which is pretty much automated) or should I open PVAs and sell them? (the second one requires a lot more manual labour, but I think can be automated in the future)
  6. FriedrichWN

    My whatsapp number got banned, can I change numbers? What about backups ?

    Couple days ago my WhatsApp number got banned so emailed them and got a reply basically saying "we banned you, we won't tell you why, go F yourself". So I started looking around for free SMS verification services and used like 5-10 different numbers ofc no success. Now if I get a new SIM card...
  7. FriedrichWN

    College for Education or Connections ?

    Hi, I live in Turkey and im a senior high school student and i will be 19 soon. I have several business ideas in my mind that i want to accomplish. I won't go into the details of the university entrance system all that matters is I have 2 main options in front of me. 1) Go to a really good...
  8. FriedrichWN

    Greetings from Turkey

    Hi guys, I have been lurking on webmaster forums (including BHW) for the last 3.5-4 years and I got sick of day-dreaming and wasting time so today is the day I start my journey on becoming the first trillionaire on Forbes. (You can't become big unless you "dream" big :D ) My first goal is to...