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  1. Bernardio

    The prediction of the legendary Crypto James on BOND comes true. We are waiting for $100 per token

    ⚡️After BOND predictably bounced back an enchanting peak of 800% at the end of July, we can recall the forecast of Crypto James. James is famous for predicting Fantom FTM as the “best cryptocurrency of the year” when no one was talking about it. The price of the coin soon increased by 168 times...
  2. Bernardio

    Mixer Sanctions = rising Monero & Co?

    Monero very successfully announced a hard fork - it will take place a few days after the US Treasury began the hunt for mixers. This time, Tornado Cash and its associated wallets suffered. Even those who doubted the need to keep protected tokens in the portfolio will surely reconsider their...
  3. Bernardio

    Nasty NFT ¨Marketing¨ Tactics

    This technology is developing very quickly. I think it will be in demand in the future.
  4. Bernardio

    Ethereum mining Vs Bitcoin mining. Which one is more profitable?

    For the third month in a row, the profitability of Ethereum mining exceeds the earnings of those who chose other cryptocurrencies. Even bitcoin mining has not become as profitable as ether. Despite the increase in the income of BTC miners in March, those who produce Ethereum earn about 10% more...
  5. Bernardio

    Anyone familiar with the Cronos blockchain?

    Hey! Anyone familiar with the new Cronos blockchain? According to information from the official website - the token swap system is presented in the form of a fixed liquidity pool. This solution allows private investors to redeem a token at a profitable price, and the project can...