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  1. Fang Yu

    Laptop for Adobe premiere pro

    Use a MacBook pro
  2. Fang Yu

    SEO will die in 5 years

  3. Fang Yu

    [DOWNLOAD] ✅ Data-rich LIST of 5,500+ Websites with LOW Domain Rating & HIGH Traffic ‍❤️‍ Find JUICY Untapped Niches & Keywords FAST!

    @RealDaddy Update the list, and now you have 5K+ websites to inspire you. My first action was to check if one of my websites was on this list. And thank God he didn't find them. :cool: He knows how to get low-hanging fruit websites for sure. You will have more ideas and no reason not to build...
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    Let me check if it's possible for Hanuka
  5. Fang Yu

    AI content for SEO and why people are failing after the latest Google updates

    AI needs human edits! People forget that AI is an assistant.
  6. Fang Yu

    Twitter Growth. Does anything work nowadays?

    RT from other big accounts in your niche.
  7. Fang Yu

    Ahrefs Just Announced A Free Website Checker Tool That Lets You Do More

    This. I can't stand Ahrefs anymore. This company pisses me off at the highest.
  8. Fang Yu

    Hire Experienced SEO Experts || Content Writers || Ubot Coders || Web Designers - VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS

    Review I received a 4K words article to test the seller content writing VA service. What I got was good enough to be a content filler for a website. Good article with human edit Basic SEO and formatting to make it readable and easy to follow. VA made sure that the content was 100 plagiarism...
  9. Fang Yu

    Twitter might be shutting down tonight

    True, but other companies lay off badly. Why are they pointing out Twitter only? Is the 11K Meta layoff a joke? They are just mad; Elon is the black sheep, he doesn't follow their rules, and he can throw the company in the toilet if he wants. He owns it.
  10. Fang Yu

    Twitter might be shutting down tonight

    source: Hollywood reporter ...
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    Review: If you're looking for a logo creator, Ajju is a great option. They have a fast turnaround time and the quality is good, especially for the price. They were able to come up with some great ideas with just the website names. I would recommend them.
  12. Fang Yu

    Ai video speech for youtube

    clipchamp has a text-to-voice option with a lot of options to customize it.
  13. Fang Yu

    +50k/year with 1h of work a day [banked +200k]

    How did you set it up?
  14. Fang Yu

    Anyone tried IG MassDM for OnlyFans Traffic?

    You can grow their IG pages with fan pages and bring traffic to their OF pages. It works well for Twitter too. The result will be good if you have the budget to combine it with Mass DM to bring traffic to these main pages.
  15. Fang Yu

    Who is the best rank math pro or yoast seo pro?

    Seo framework for me. Never need anything other than this and my sites rank.