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    Big problem with Adsterra

    Don't know what the "big problem" is yet, but let's figure it out :) Going to send you a DM to get to the bottom of this
  2. AdsterraNetwork

    Suspicious with adsterra

    That is a good case for improvement, we will consider making those fields "required", thank you :) As for the last review there — the payment is set for the next period, so that publisher has nothing to worry about, he'll receive his money in a few days
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    Suspicious with adsterra

    That's not how we do things! We do need payment info for the most of our payment methods And, yes, we do lock the payment info fields in people accounts, but that's being done only for correct invoice generation, there is nothing nefarious behind that :) You can DM me your login and I'll see...
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    Ads Network direct link

    It depends on the GEO, but the CPM rates are pretty nice :)
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    Ads Arbitrage with Adsterra (CONCERN)

    Hey there! We've already stated our concerns about Claroads in another thread. I mean, such a cheap price and lack of favicon are pretty suspicous to start with. I'm going to send you a DM and see what I can do.
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    [Help] Adsterra code ruining My Website

    Hey there, @TheoreticallyBr ! Not quite sure what exactly happened with your website, but we’ll be happy to investigate and help however we can! Going to DM you for your Adsterra login details, so we can get to the bottom of this.
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    Suspicious with adsterra

    Hey there, leiff! I believe that there has been some miscommunication on our part. Let’s try to untangle and shed some light on everything that’s happening: The PayPal minimum is currently $100, that is correct. New payment provider integration is still in the works. In the testing phase, to...
  8. AdsterraNetwork

    Ad network needed urgently

    It's not the PayPal itself, it's one of the additional payment providers that can give us an opportunity to lower the minimum payout. To be fair, we are not so happy with the amount of time it takes, but I believe that our Finance and Tech depts are doing the best they can :)
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    Ad network needed urgently

    Encountered lots of bugs with their implementation, got delayed a bit
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    Ad network needed urgently

    Unfortunately, I have no idea. I mean, it can be legit traffic, but their costs (and the lack of favicon) kinda threw me off.
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    Ad network needed urgently

    Thaaaaats a bit of a misconception I mean, yeah, some of our ad domains are getting flagged by virustotal and such, but they don't have malware there. It's just our AntiAdBlock code that gets them flagged. As for our advertisers — we are doing our best to keep malicious ppl of our platform...
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    Ad network needed urgently

    I'll make sure to ping you, when we finalize our new payment provider :)
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    Best ad network for a streaming website?

    Only for Wire Transfers As for the "fishy part", there's a thing I want to mention. There are lots of ppl who make really good money with us. But they don't make reviews. They just don't see the need, and that's understandable — they've got better things to do :)
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    Why is my CPM on Adsterra incredibly low ?

    Popunders got OP some nice revenue already, not sure about your situation. Send me your email or contact our managers — we can try to optimize the ads for you. You don't have to "dig deep" or anything, support is always online and can answer any question you have or might have. As for the...