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  1. Scorpion Ghost

    Post only to those making above $100k A Month

    Well i guess im not welcome here... :(
  2. Scorpion Ghost

    How do you deal with other blogs stealing your content?

    I find out where they live. I take a car or a plane to their house. The rest is not safe for me to say... No but people are gonna steal your content anyway. But most of them are lazy so if you interlink your articles, youll get some backlinks at least. Also if your photos are watermarked, and...
  3. Scorpion Ghost

    Why thread deleted ? Insecurity? LOL

    I'm going to be a rebel and share my own forum! Here goes... :cool:
  4. Scorpion Ghost

    Where can i buy 1k bots followers on TikTok

    Not exactly bot followers. Mixed quality followers. You can get on
  5. Scorpion Ghost

    Former infamous BHW member from 15 years ago (not banned) back in action

    He's old school bro. He dont know about these new technologies, paypal and crypto. He's probably registering on Myspace as we speak :D Hahhaha kidding lol
  6. Scorpion Ghost

    What feature do you look for when deciding on a proxy provider?

    Well, seeing as i dont need anything special, i go by price. But even then its not that simple. When i needed proxies at first, i checked marketplace for shared proxies and chose the cheapest ones. I asked for test proxies. Then i saw who replied, how quickly they replied, and how they...
  7. Scorpion Ghost

    Best client place

    Clients are everywhere. But it depends on what you sell.
  8. Scorpion Ghost

    Former infamous BHW member from 15 years ago (not banned) back in action

    Oh i didnt read your entire post. I came up to "questionable spamming" and decided i like you. I am also a proponent of questionable spamming myself. Soundcloud wanted to sue me once :D Then i read a bit more, lost focus, and decided to post some quality nonsense :p
  9. Scorpion Ghost

    Former infamous BHW member from 15 years ago (not banned) back in action

    Welcome back. Remember when you asked me to loan you $25 dollars about 15 years ago so you can start your own business? You were starvin, remember? Well with interest that comes up to $97,418 dollars. But we can round down to $95,000, it's cool bro it's cool. How would you like to pay me...
  10. Scorpion Ghost

    How I earn a full time income with Online Games and selling their currency

    Botting games for crap and selling the crap is definitely something id consider. If you can automate the botting, and there's a demand for the crap you collect, sounds good.
  11. Scorpion Ghost

    New, so please be gentle.

    Ok, well, since you said please.
  12. Scorpion Ghost

    Why thread deleted ? Insecurity? LOL

    Did you just call him a newbie? Or did i read that wrong. Far from a newbie dude. The guy's been here since forever, legit.
  13. Scorpion Ghost

    Why thread deleted ? Insecurity? LOL

    Well, actually, it is normal. We just dont do it because of the rules.
  14. Scorpion Ghost

    Why thread deleted ? Insecurity? LOL

    Yeah, just give up. Save yourself the time, warnings for abuse of mods or whatever, locked and deleted threads.
  15. Scorpion Ghost

    Anyone miss there smell becaouse of Covid

    Hahahha i picked up on that too :D OP you shouldnt be smelling shit. Its gross. Unless you have a good reason. Do you have a good reason? Should i do it too?
  16. Scorpion Ghost

    Quora answers problem

    Quora ranks really well. Its unfortunate the site is mostly junk replies and crappy layout.
  17. Scorpion Ghost

    SEO will die in 5 years

    What is this S-E-O you speak of? I've never heard of such a thing. Could it be food?
  18. Scorpion Ghost

    Where to start blogging at $0 cost? Blogspot or Wordpress

    You should listen to this guy. Seems intelligent enough :D
  19. Scorpion Ghost

    Making money by bulk dumping music.

    I believe you're allowed to make a max of 7 gigs on a new (level 0) fiverr account. Make them. Your chances of getting a client increase the more gigs you have. Simple stuff.