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    How hard is DR 50?

    Currently, I have a site that's at DR 33. 1,822 Backlinks (91% ********) 318 Referring Domains (92% ********) Most of the competiting sites are around DR 50. Example: DR 48 165,510 Backlinks (77% ********) 13,540 Referring Domains (93% ********) How hard is it to bridge this gap? Do I actually...
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    Okay, which one of you owns this? :p Html Editor with Link Injector
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    301 takeover of expired PBN site

    Hi, I've found in the expired domain list a site that just so happens to match one of my desired search terms. The state of the site: 2 months expired domain. Well wired into an existing PBN network. Very aged. The links are back from 2012. I suspect the PBN is now defunct. Domain Rating 24...
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    Lots of search terms

    Hi, So I have a video game website. Ahrefs: Domain Rating 3.1 Backlinks 275 (57% Do follow) Referring Domains 114 (57% do follow) Moz: Domain Authority 4. Linking Root Domains 10. Ranking Keywords: 1.7k Spam Score 9%. There is a main search term and then there are a large (100+)...