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  1. JavascriptPufferfish

    Ahrefs is nuts with the new Credits system

    mmm idk, i think ahrefs is gunning for those deep enterprise pockets that dont even look at the price. I would guess independent IMers that make up most of their customer base are just a second thought to them. maybe they did the math and it works better for them that way. while that would...
  2. JavascriptPufferfish

    FTX Megathread

    pretty sure politician's protection is less a sale and more a subscription haha
  3. JavascriptPufferfish

    How many conspiracy theories do you believe in?

    does it count as a conspiracy theory if you personally came up with it instead of getting talked into it? saying "the moon landing is fake" just doesn't feel the same to me as "FTX was an inside job". edit: i bit more of detail, i feel like its only a conspiracy if the majority of society thinks...
  4. JavascriptPufferfish

    Convert a tinder python bot to a bumble bot[WTB]

    sounds like it would be easier to just make a similar bumble bot. i dont think you can get this done correctly for 100, but best of luck.
  5. JavascriptPufferfish

    ftx and sol on death's doors?

    god i wish that was it. they did a bit of DD and noped the fuck out. the world just got a bit smaller.
  6. JavascriptPufferfish

    ftx and sol on death's doors?

    ehh, there are some reasons. to name one, SOL doesnt pay taxes nor is it bound by ridiculous laws. this is huge in some countries. but that's more a crypto thing than a sol thing.
  7. JavascriptPufferfish

    ftx and sol on death's doors?

    not super informed but ftx sounds screwed, SOL is in freefall and i have lots of withdrawals requested that may or may not pass through lol. this may be the poster child of "not your keys, not your crypto" for ages to come.
  8. JavascriptPufferfish

    I'm bleeding a lot right now

    certainly not announcing it on a marketing forum i second the ambulance thing, if its not too expensive
  9. JavascriptPufferfish

    Is this domain worth $1000?

    does the name mean anything? i dont think its a word in english. chances are its not worth anything, as with most domains for sale.
  10. JavascriptPufferfish

    [Ask me anything] I will answer using my new fine-tuned AI model :D

    cool thread. how can i get cement out of my car without damaging the paint?
  11. JavascriptPufferfish

    Why do we choose a low-competition niche in SEO?

    mm some of his posts look better than others but yeah, it doesn't feel like a real folk mingling with other real folks. but what do i know i am a fish
  12. JavascriptPufferfish

    Why do we choose a low-competition niche in SEO?

    it instantly reminded me of this post. both look either AI-generated or copied from a blog lol. not throwing baseless accusations, just what stuff looks like.
  13. JavascriptPufferfish

    Hackers got access to the admin panel of OnlyFans and are selling.

    mmm i don't know. i for one, wouldn't have found out about this if it wasn't for this post. i think keeping stuff quiet goes a long way in handling PR crisis, even if it is not the correct thing to do.
  14. JavascriptPufferfish

    E-Book Course✅ - Learn How To FineTune OpenAI✅ and AI21 Labs ✅ Time To Create Your Own AI Writer ❤️❤️

    hi, how does this go for other languages? can i train a spanish-speaking writter?
  15. JavascriptPufferfish

    Should you marry before being successful or after it?

    ehh you shouldn't marry with that kind of thing in mind. find someone who makes you forget those preoccupations, someone who you just want to marry. also, not all relationships need to end in marriage. nowadays more than ever, it's okay just to be together.
  16. JavascriptPufferfish

    You get charged and convicted for Tax Evasion. Would you: A) Go to Jail for 1 year? B) Pay a one million dollar fine?

    should be easy, @IRS is banned. ehh i guess it depends a lot on how rich i am and what jail i am going to. prisons vary a lot in usa, from what i have heard. and if you evaded the IRS, you better made it worth it money-wise.
  17. JavascriptPufferfish

    Rant about Reddit mods

    depends on the sub. reddit is by default slightly leftist in most things (not all things), but there are many right subs with strong moderation (so no trolling or dissenting opinions). there is something for everyone on reddit
  18. JavascriptPufferfish

    How To Stop Being Lazy?

    you can block out specific pages, limit your time, etc. i recommend focusme, but freedom is a thing too. and stay focused is great for mobile only. just take the nuclear choice and focus your willpower where it matters.
  19. JavascriptPufferfish

    How To Stop Being Lazy?

    all this, and isolate yourself from what distracts you. physical isolation i mean. shorten time spent on games and enjoyment. if you find this difficult, use apps like focusme to force yourself.
  20. JavascriptPufferfish

    How To Stop Being Lazy?

    ehhh didnt you made 6 figures + 2 monthly income assets? why are you living with your parents? do they need a caretaker for health reasons or something?