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    Buy Ethereum or Tesla?

    Seems like both of these are gonna dip even a bit more and could be a great time to buy. If you only wanted to hold for 1 year, which do you think will have a better ROI? If you say Eth, where is the safest place to buy? Binance?
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    WTH - Bulk Contact Form Submitter

    I want to send an email to website owners using the bulk contact form submitter. My message is legitimate and NOT spam. If you offer such a service, please post comment in thread.
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    Dump Bitcoin & Buy Ethereum?

    Is "The Merge" going to crush Bitcoin? Kyle McDonald, an independent researcher, predicts that the Bitcoin network may be "regulated away," causing the price of bitcoin to collapse. He recommends selling bitcoin now. The reason is that after the Ethereum blockchain switches to a drastically...
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    (Guide) - Indexing Services That Work

    I have used all the indexing services out there and here are the ones that have worked best in order: 1. @Ranking Expert
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    Attn Indians: Stop Calling People "Dear"

    For some reason Indians think that calling people "Dear" is okay. It's not correct English. 1. The term "Dear" is what a wife calls her husband or a husband calls his wife. We Americans NEVER call each other "Dear" in the same way British people say "Mate". 2. When you use this term, you come...
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    Rank Math Instant Indexing - Does it work?

    I saw Rank Math has an instant indexing plugin that helps speed up indexing of posts on your site by using an API and connects to your GSC. Does it actually work? I spoke with someone on Fiverr and he said there is no magic sauce and it does basically the same thing as submitting your url to...
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    Writer Needed - AI Content - Rewriting - Large Order

    I need a writer who can use an AI tool that I will provide a subscription to. I am working on a large project of professional bios. I will provide you multiple links to their bios and all you need to do is cut and paste a sentence or paragraph into the AI rewriting tool. The objective is to...
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    Do 301 Redirects Work?

    I am considering buying one expired domain with a strong backlink profile and redirecting it to my clients main site. The original website is in the same industry as my client but does not offer the same service. My idea is this...relaunch the site and then add some content and build some links...
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    Google Slammed By France - $593M

    Google was fined nearly $593 million (€500 million) on Tuesday after France’s Competition Authority found that the company violated orders to negotiate paid deals with news publishers. The regulator said the American tech giant breached a 2020 order that the company negotiate "good faith"...
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    DOJ files antitrust lawsuit against Google, alleging it maintains a search monopoly

    Is this the end of Google as we know it?
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    Cloaker For CB Aff Link Non WP Site

    What is the best cloaker for a Clickbank affiliate product that is not placed on a Wordpress site that I want to rank on page one of Google? It's for a parasite. Thanks!