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    Low conversion payout for CPI on OGAds

    Hey guys, so I just got back to CPI. I'm using a roblox niche to target Kids (99% of roblox user are kids lol) That's why I am using CPI and not CPA or others, because i think that it is easier for them to just download an app. Now the problem is that my offer payouts are very very low and i...
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    Some questions for the porn reupload method

    Hey Guys, I just started with this method and I've got 10videos with 1,2k Views on xvideos and 40clicks on the website so far ( I started like a week ago so the views are still increasing). Now to my questions: Are 1,2k Views for 10Videos good or nah? Are 40clicks for 1,2k views good or nah...