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    [Question] YouTube shorts schedule

    Hi Guys! YouTube has own sheduler for videos. But I'm try use it for shorts and all videos that was sheduled has 0 views. (50 videos 5/day). So anyone know reason or how solve this problem? Or some another solution. Sorry for my English. And Thanks!
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    Quora Magic. Guys Need Some Opinion

    So i'm trying get traffic from quora. And today I came across an interesting thing. Found space for 160,000 followers. Niche recipes. The most interesting thing is that in this space there are no relevant posts for the last week for sure. 1 person with at least 5 accounts is spamming links to...
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    Instagram Profiles In 1 Devise Question

    Hi Guys! Maybe who knows - if i have few accounts IG or Twitter in one device by option add acount and one of them shadowbaned. Other accounts also in shadow?
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    [Question] Sites Parasites and strange magic.

    Hi guys, this is not the first time I find when they use edu or gov sites. In the search results of Google, a pdf file with an affiliate link. But I can't figure out how they do it? Is this a hack? I looked these sites do not give the option to add files or articles
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    Javbucks Is Over? Anyone in the know?

    Support is not responding. In the news, the latest payments in November 2019. The contacts contain mail from another platform. P.S. Maybe there are some good alternatives in this niche. Thanks in advance for the advice.
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    Some Twitter Magic Problems. Need Some Advice. Thanks

    Hi, people! Need some help, because i broke my head. Situation: There was a twitter account, 2-3 tweets a day. I abandoned it. I returned after a couple of months - tweets are gaining 30,000 - 40,000 views per day. Started tweeting again. The number of views dropped to 15,000, then to 10,000...